The Sweet Alibrandi Link Pia Discovered While On Australian Survivor

Looking for Alibrandi star Pia Miranda is heading to the jungle, and it appears so too are the memories from the movie that made her a household name.

The mother-of-two spoke to 'Stellar' about her time in the jungle as a castaway on 'Australian Survivor' and what she missed most -- unsurprisingly it was her husband Luke Hannigan and children Lily nine, and James, five.

When Miranda landed in Savusavu, Fiji, she was confronted with somewhat of a blast from her past. 'Australian Survivor' host Jonathan LaPaglia, the brother of Anthony LaPaglia, who played her father in the 2000 hit film Looking for Alibrandi.

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"I did feel like Jonathan was a friendly face when I was out there," Miranda told 'Stellar'. 

Pia Miranda photographed by Jedd Cooney. Photo: Stellar

"It was a nice connection to have. However, I did often think he was looking at me thinking 'What are you doing? Why are you here starving and crying when you could be on a nice cushy film set with make-up and food and people making cups of tea?'"

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Turns out Miranda was right -- when she left the jungle the young mum asked LaPaglia and he confirmed that was exactly what he'd been thinking.

In the upcoming season of Australian Survivor Miranda joins NRL legend Andrew Ettingshausen, AFL legend Simon Black, Olympic gold medalists Steven Bradbury and Nova Peris, and marathon swimmer Susie Maroney, as well as returning player Luke Toki.

Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders' returns July 24 at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Networks.

Head to Stellar (available July 14 in Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun) for more of their chat with Pia Miranda.