Australian Survivor: Remembering King Luke Toki's Best Moments

Long live the king!

The king is officially back in the jungle -- this time joining the Champions as he'll try once more to take the title of Sole Survivor.

To celebrate the return of the king, we thought we'd remember a few of our favourite Luke moments.

Sly Strategy

Luke is one hell of a charming dude. Funny, cheeky and an absolute troublemaker -- all of that made for a neat distraction to his fellow survivors as Luke was able to play a super hard game totally under the radar. It wasn't until it was too late, and Luke had established himself as one of the more powerful players after the merge, but his knack for causing chaos and love of making moves ultimately led to his downfall.

Fashion criminal

Luke never let the limited wardrobe of 'Survivor' get him down. In fact he was probably one of the most resourceful castaways in Season 2, picking the bones of those he had a hand in sending home. From Keith's polo to AK's singlet to Henry's party shirt, Luke had a way of finding the perfect trophies to his subtle wins.

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Hiding in plain sight

One of Luke's best ideas was to find a spot right near the well, make sure it was within earshot but he was covered by enough foliage not to be seen, and camp out to listen in to other people's conversations. Genius.

Putting the 'man' in manicure...

Luke played the game hard, and he was always on the lookout for idol clues. After Asaga won a reward challenge where they got a spa day, Luke excitedly noticed a leather pouch and pocketed it. Turns out... it was a nail kit.

...And the 'man' in manscaping

Meanwhile, during that same reward, Luke decided he needed to tidy up the ol' downstairs. Yep, he decided to shave his nuts in front of his tribemates.

The bromance

Luke and Jericho managed to forge a super close alliance -- more like BFF4LYF than an alliance -- which was only strengthened through their various acts of mischief. From the late-night cookie binges to the massive jam-gate of 2017, these pair were always up to no good, which was plenty of fun to watch.

A true family man

While he was an absolute star on the show, Luke also revealed one of the reasons he was playing the game so he could take his boys Lennox and Nate to Disneyland. We also got to see glimpses of what an amazing dad Luke is when he cleaned up in the auction, nabbing a phone call home and getting the chance to speak to Lennox.

This time around, Luke's motive is even more deserving -- hoping to pocket the $500,000 prize money to help support his baby daughter Madeline, who was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Oh yeah, and all the sharks

He caught two sharks! TWO SHARKS!

Not playing favourites, but we can't wait to see the King back in his rightful spot on his jungle throne.

'Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.