The Sweet 'Project' Keepsake Peter Helliar's Dad Spent Two Years Making

Peter Helliar's dad seems to be proud as punch over his son's achievements, as is evidenced by the super sweet birthday gift he made for 'The Project' star.

Chatting with 10 Daily over the phone, he told us all about the photo scrapbook, calling it "one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for [him]".

A birthday gift, the book contains photos his dad has taken of Pete on 'The Project', interviewing celebrities.

"My mum told me that for two years, he worked so hard on this," he shared, "and I’m so grateful that he did it, because I looked at it -- I’ve actually literally got it on my lap at the moment because I’m doing interviews -- and I flick through it and the first page is me interviewing Kylie Minogue and Daniel Ricardo at the desk together, me interviewing Justin Bieber, me interviewing Hulk Hogan, there’s the Hemsworths, and I literally would’ve forgotten…There’s Tom Jones... "

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Pete trailed off, flicking through the images.

"It's just a reminder of how many people have come through the show," he said.

Asked who his favourite celebs to interview were, Helliar explained, "Even though it was on satellite, it was a bit of a thrill interviewing Ricky Gervais, probably no shocker that he’s somewhat of a hero, someone I really admire."

He continued, "Tom Cruise was great! And he was really gracious and he’s actually a really normal guy, more normal than I thought he would’ve been, and I’ve been a longtime Tom Cruise fan.

"They say ‘be careful who you meet’ but he didn’t disappoint, in fact, he really exceeded my expectations."

He added that Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell were also "really cool".

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Showing off the special gift to hosts of 'The Living Room', Pete hilariously explained that his dad often mistakes the famous faces his son interviews for someone else completely.

"The trouble is that he doesn't know everybody's names," Pete began, adding, "Like, Dawn French, he has as Australia's own Robyn Butler. I think he thought Ryan Reynolds was Ben Affleck a couple of times."

"He doesn't watch a lot of TV!" he laughed.

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Feature image: Network 10.