Carrie Bickmore Reflects On 10 Years Of 'The Project'

Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone, Carrie told us that the past decade is "all a bit of a blur".

"I said to the guys, you know can you send me some of the people we’ve had on, some of the highlights," she said, "and reading this list, it was like an emotional rollercoaster. There were so many incredible people that we’ve had on!"

She listed a few celebs -- like Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, no big deal -- before revealing that her "favourite memories are just the moments on the desk".

Carrie continued: "The funny moments or the moments where you stuffed up. Where we’ve had no audio to play or no autocue or someone’s needed to go to the toilet. It’s all those kind of moments that are the ones that make you laugh."

Of the show, Carrie said that the thing that's kept 'The Project' fresh over the years is that it's "always evolving and changing".

Noting that to watch the show over the years is "pretty much like watching someone age and grow", she added, "it's been lovely, really lovely".

From chatting with the Gold Logie winner, it's very obvious that she's immensely proud of the show that's evolved out of a short 'Rove Live' segment back in the day, and not just because she told us herself.

"I feel incredibly proud of it," she gushed. "I feel incredibly proud to have been lucky enough to have been there from day one to now."

Taking her mind all the way back to day one, Carrie recalled the early days of the show.

"At the beginning I don’t think we really knew a hundred percent what we were in the show," she recalled, noting that while their Executive Producer Craig Campbell "had a vision for it", but that it took everyone "a little while" to figure out what was working for them, what wasn't, who was the best combo for the panel, and a ton of other variables.

"All of those things take time and I think with each new person that comes to the desk and every person that leaves, the show shifts slightly," she mused. "The vibe of the show changes and I think that’s a good thing. If it stayed exactly the way it was 10 years ago then I think it would be a bore."

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Of course, a job is really made or broken by the people you work with, and in that regard, Carrie said that she feels "so lucky" to work with her 'Project' co-hosts, as well as the people behind the scenes.

"I know there’s people in the industry that can’t say the same," she shared. "I know that I’m lucky, that just through the nature of decisions I’ve made, and people I’ve chosen to work with."

Carrie told us that through her work on 'The Project', she's "formed friendships for life" and she knows that when she's sitting on the desk, she knows that the people sitting next to her have her back, "professionally and personally".

In fact, she caught up with both Waleed and Pete while she was away on maternity leave, having coffees with Waleed and family play dates with Pete.

"Pete and my kids do lots of stuff together," she shared. "He lives around the corner so we catch up often."

Speaking to Waleed and Pete, the feelings of friendship at 'The Project' are mutual.

"It genuinely is a great place to work, and I really value the people that I’ve got to meet doing it, actually," Waleed told us over the phone, musing: "You know, when they decide not to renew my contract, the saddest thing will be that I don’t ever get to hang out with these people as much."

He continued: "It is a fun show to work on and they’re fun people to be around, but you know, like everyone who has a job, you have days where you’d really love to not be at work -- even on those days, there are moments that pull you out of that."

Pete echoed the sentiment.

"The best part of it for me, firstly, is those relationships and friendships that you make," he told us. "It’s a very encouraging and pretty ego-less office that we have."

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