The Bachelor 2019: Bachie Matt Explains WTF An Astrophysicist Actually Is

By now, you've probably seen the clip: "I'm an astrophysicist," Matt says. "Okay! I'm a Gemini!" Abbie responds, excited.

So, okay, we know that astronomy and astrology are different, but as writers who failed science back in high school, we had to admit: We didn't know WTF Matt actually did, either.

Luckily for us, we got access to Matt to ask him about his job, and being the total sweetie pie that he is, he explained it to us in a way that we could understand.

"There’s a lot of things under the astrophysicist umbrella," Matt began, explaining that it's all about studying the physics of space, ie, what's out there?

"My specific research is about planetary science, so the stuff I’m doing is trying to figure out where another planet like Earth could exist, so we could actually look and find it," he said.

We asked if Matt was going to find us a new planet to live on once we've completely trashed this one, and he laughed -- with us, not at us! That's important to note!

"Theoretically, yeah," he replied. "These planets are often really, really far away -- there’s no technological way to actually get there yet. So you know, yeah, we could theoretically but it’s not something that’s within the realm of possibility yet."

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Now, we may not be scientists (again, we are definitely not!!!), but we did what anyone with a decent wifi connection and a passion for investigating can do, and Googled him and his research before asking him about this stuff. (It should be noted that this is also called "preparing for an interview and part of our jobs", but like, whatever! We're detectives!)

"Like an exoplanet?" we asked, smug in our own knowledge.

"Yes! A planet that’s not orbiting our own sun, that’s an exoplanet," Matt confirmed.

According to Matt, there are "well over 3,000" exoplanets out there, which is either comforting, if we need to find a new home, or scary, if you're concerned about aliens, or whatever. But Matt said that exoplanets have "become so abundant that it’s not that exciting to discover them anymore", before adding, "I mean, it is for astrophysicists!"

Still, no one's discovered one that's like our own planet.

"We’ve found some that are similar but nothing that’s like Earth, so that would be something profound," he said.

With that, we suggested that maybe once he's found love he could go out and find us a new planet, 'coz like, no biggie but it seems like we need one?

"I’m givin’ it a red hot go, so I’ll get back to you on that!" Matt laughed.

There you have it, folks! Our kind and patient Bachelor, future New Earth discoverer!

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