Chris Lilley Gives Paris Hilton's Pets A Psychic Reading As 'Lunatics' Character Jana

Just weeks after hanging with the Jonas Brothers as 'Lunatics' character Keith Dick, Chris Lilley has paid a visit to another A-lister.

This time, he was invited into Paris Hilton's Los Angeles home to meet her family of pups as Jana Melhoopen-Jonks -- the South African pet psychic to the stars featured on his Netflix mockumentary "Lunatics'.

The heiress is famous for spoiling her beloved pets with only the best -- including a doggy mansion that puts most human homes to shame -- so it's easy to see why she called on 'pet psychic to the stars' Jana when it came to arranging a reading for her doggos.

While the pair haven't yet revealed what their meeting involved -- aside from an assumed pet psychic reading -- the pair made sure to pose for a series of sultry snaps throughout Hilton's luxury abode.

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If you haven't yet watched Lilley's 10-part series on Netflix, Jana is described as "lesbian pet psychic to the stars who from her South African home base struggles with unrequited love for her personal assistant".

Throughout the series, she also embarks on an international search for her beloved, childhood aardvark, Natasha.

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The meeting comes just weeks after Lilley was seen running through the streets of New York City alongside Jonas Brothers in character as Keith Dick -- a fashion retail veteran embarking on a new business venture who struggles with objective sexuality issues and his deep love for a cash register.

You can check out 'Lunatics' on Netflix here. 

Image: Instagram/ParisHilton