'American Horror Story' Becomes Reality As Sarah Paulson Leaves Show

What is 'American Horror Story' without Sarah Paulson? It's a question fans are grappling with today, as the news broke that the award winning actress would not be starring in the upcoming series, 'AHS: 1984'.

Season nine of the series is set to return in September, and although details on the '1984' series are scant so far, the first teaser paid homage to classic '80s slashers like 'Friday the 13th'.

What we do know, however, is that Variety reported this morning that Sarah Paulson will not appear in a "significant" role in the upcoming season, after starring in pretty much every season except the first, which she guest-starred in.

While Variety speculated that the actress could still make a cameo in the series, fans weren't having it -- especially considering that fellow 'AHS' alum Evan Peters and Jessica Lange are also not going to appear in '1984'.

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Here are some of the fan responses.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all the 'AHS' stans during this difficult time.

Feature image: Twitter