Oh, Honey! Nicole Got Swarmed By Bees During 'MasterChef' Cook

You know the competition is getting more intense when a swarm of bees is let loose on a contestant.

Well, not let loose exactly but poor Nicole found herself surrounded by the buzzy insects the second she opened her jar of artisanal wildflower honey during the Swan Valley cook in Western Australia.

While her competitors were assigned cheese (Anushka), nuts (Christina) and chocolate (Tessa), the west coast bees only had one dish in their sights -- Nicole's burnt honey and thyme parfait with honeycomb and macadamia nuts.

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The first to spot the swarm headed for the honey pot was Larissa, who was standing on the sidelines along with Simon and Tim.

"Oh look at the bees, they're all hovering around her honey," said Larry.

"They're all attracted to it, look at them!" she said, pointing to the hive that had descended on Nicole's bench.

"I think about a hundred bees have just swarmed to my bench and I've got no idea what to do, they're just not going away," laughed Nicole.

"I didn't even know that bees were attracted to honey, I thought they just make honey," she added.

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The judges were clearly amused by Nicole's new friends, approaching her bench with buzzing noises.

"Clever little fellas, aren't they?" cackled Gary.

As Nicole went on to explain her scrumptious sounding dish, the judges commented that it was probably a good sign that the hard-working insects had gathered around her dessert.

"If the bees are loving it, we might love it too," he said.

Sounds pretty bee-lievable to us!

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