The 'MasterChef' Bloopers Derek And Larissa Thought Would Never Make It To Air

Derek Lau and Larissa Takchi have become beloved 'MasterChef' favourites, not just because of the food they've plated up but also their memorable one-liners and #relateable mishaps.

Although it turns out, the pair have been pretty surprised that some of their more ridiculous moments actually made the final cut of the show.

Larissa burst into laughter when we asked her if there was anything from her stellar TV debut that's surprised her so far.

"So many things have made it to air that I was like, 'How did that make the cut and not something else, like come on!'" she told 10 daily. 

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And when Derek chatted to us after his elimination, he admitted that he might have come up with a few of his sillier interview comments just for LOLs -- only to be gobsmacked that his random catchphrases ("toot, toot") didn't end up on the cutting room floor.

We've compiled some of our favourite Derek and Larry moments that we're extremely glad made the final edit.

Larissa Takes A Trip
Photo: Network 10.

It was the beginning of Best of The Best Week when Larry gave us one of her best moments as she was running to grab some kitchen equipment.

"I fell over, I completely stacked it -- like full-on face plant on the floor," Larry said of the moment that happened *almost* off-screen but was accompanied with a very loud thud. 

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"It was so embarrassing and I got up and the first thing I said to one of the camera crew was, ‘Do not put that to air or I will seriously hunt you guys down!" she laughed. 

Larissa chuckled as she explained it was "a great little stitch up for me".

"That was hilarious. I actually recorded it and put it on Instagram because it was just too funny," she said. 

The Immunity Pecs
Photo: Network 10.

"I just want to get that pin," Derek said ahead of an immunity challenge, which seemed like a totally normal thing to say until he added that the 'MasterChef' jewellery would "sit well between my pecs".

Derek told us that he copped "so much sh**" from his mates after they heard and yeah, we can understand why.

A Bit Of Shush, Derek!

Larissa told us that although she was often telling her bench mate Derek to pipe down but had no idea producers would include the moment that showed her scolding him like an annoyed sibling.

"So I told him to shut up and they aired it and I was like, 'what the hell?'" she joked.  

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"I told Derek to shut up at least three times a day in that kitchen because he’s just so annoying," she explained of their rapport. 

"Like in a funny way, we’re friends," she assured us. 

Yum Yum In My Tum
Toot toot! Photo: Network 10.

When you've got the day off from the kitchen and your only job is to shout supportive comments from the gantry of course you're going to try and get a little creative.

Although Derek told us that of all the "random sh*t " he'd say from the gantry, he sure does wish "yum yum, get in my tum" hadn't been televised.

Photo: Network 10.

According to Larissa if you mess up the pronunciation of a word on 'MasterChef' they give you a few chances to repeat it.

"And they actually show me saying it in the wrong fricken way' she laughed.

But while the judges may have giggled at her pronunciation of 'furikake' it sure didn't stop them from licking the plate clean and awarding Larry the dish of the day for her Yakitori style chicken.

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