'I've Got A Mum Cold But I'm In Bliss': Carrie Returns To 'The Project'

Carrie Bickmore is back behind 'The Project' desk after taking some time off after giving birth to her daughter Adelaide.

She joked that her maternity leave was "just a big holiday" asking her co-hosts Waleed, Pete and Steve whether she looked fresh.

"Don’t let the croaky voice and the snotty nose fool you, I am in bliss!" she added, explaining that she'd come down with a bit of a "mum cold". 

Photo: Network 10

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A little later on in the show, Carrie explained that her mat-leave wasn't exactly a restful vacation.

She jokingly scolded both Peter Helliar and Chrissie Swan who both assured her that 'Going from two to three will be easy!'

"And it has been so incredibly hard," Carrie opened up.

"Our little girl had really bad reflux, which I had no idea what that was and that made the first few months very hard because we couldn't put her down at all and we didn't know why she was crying and unsettled," she explained.

Baby Addie. Photo: Network 10.

"It's good now but it's been full on," she said of being a mum of three.

"Coming to work's easy, man!" she laughed.

We're so glad you're back, Carrie!

Main Photo: Network 10