'MasterChef': The Judges Are Still Wondering When Tim Is Going To Make Them A Toastie

From the very beginning of the competition -- Tim has made it clear that he wants to open his own gourmet toastie food truck.

The only problem is, we have no idea what Tim's toastie making skills are like because he's never, ever, made a single toasted sandwich throughout the entire competition.

We know all about his pork belly prowess, his dessert dexterity and his ability to plate up a showstopping steak and mushroom dish.

But after patiently waiting for days, weeks and months, we're still yet to see if Tim actually knows his way around a toasted sandwich machine.

As finals week nears closer, the hungry judges decided to ask Tim the question on everybody's mind.

"Just out of interest, are we ever going to get  a toasted sandwich?" George enquired at the beginning of the WA week cook in Perth.

"Aw, I feel like my time's passed to do a toastie now," smiled Tim bashfully.

Where's our toastie? Photo; Network 10.

Surprisingly, the judges replied that it was "never too late for a toastie" which seems like an incredibly misleading statement to tell someone who's fighting for the 'MasterChef' 2019 title.

Tim went on to say off camera that, as he's progressed on 'MasterChef', he's been refining his ideas and "growing a new appreciation for local ingredients" that he's keen to use in his toasties.

After 50 episodes, what if Tim finally makes a ham and cheese toastie only to be told that "it just wasn't enough" at this level of the competition?

Gary and George will have a lot to answer for, but at least they'd finally have their craving for a ~gourmet~ toastie satisfied.

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