'MasterChef: Larissa Told Us Derek Was 'So Bummed' When He Found Out About WA Week

'MasterChef' is heading to sunny Western Australia this week -- just days after Perth boy Derek Lau was eliminated from the competition.

Derek's bestie in the competition Larissa Takchi told 10 daily over the phone that he'd been trying to convince the Sydney girl to take her first trip to the west coast of the country during their time together in the 'MasterChef' house.

"And I was like, 'You could never pay me, you’ll never see me in WA, ever,'" she jokingly teased him, adding that she was actually "100 percent" planning to pop over to see him. 

"Next minute, we’re there!" she laughed. 

"He was like, "Seriously, the day I after I get out you guys are going to my home?'"

Photo: Network 10.

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Larry said it was a "real shame" Derek wasn't still in the comp to share his expertise about his home state but she was nonetheless blown away by the produce in WA.

She explained that, because of 'MasterChef', she got to learn about the state's truly incredible native ingredients as well as the food scenes across Perth, the Swan Valley, the Margaret River and Rottnest Island. 

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"It's like nothing I've ever seen before, the produce is amazing," she said, describing "all these varieties of pumpkin, herbs I've never seen before and, like, lilly pillys.

"I’m like, this is insane, we never see this stuff in Sydney. I’m so used to westernised ingredients. In Dural, where I’m from, it's very much European farming so nothing out there is native ingredients.

"It was really inspiring."

Photo: Network 10.

Larissa told us the top seven contestants (Anushka, Christina, Larissa, Nicole, Simon, Tessa and Tim) entered their first challenge in Perth like celebrities, pulling up to their kitchen benches at Optus Stadium via helicopters.

"That was like the most epic thing ever," Larry told 10 daily. 

"In the helicopter, you can sort of look down into the stadium, and right in the centre you just see these tiny little benches set up for us and I was like, what the hell, this is insane!"

Tune into the first night on WA Week tonight from 7.30pm.  

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