'Stranger Things' Season 3: The Post-Credit Scene Explained And Two Theories About What It Means


As if taking a page out of Marvel's book, the third season of 'Stranger Things' features a post-credits scene.

Yep, once the credits start rolling don't immediately head back to the main page and start scrolling for your next binge-watch because there's an extra little scene which has teased one very big question...

Spoilers for the end of Season 3 of 'Stranger Things to follow.

Set in Kamchatka, Russia, the scene features some Russian men walking up to a cell in another bunker with a door suspiciously similar to the one in Hawkins.

As one guard approaches a cell the other tells him, "No. Not the American," and they move to the next cell over, where they yank a prisoner out, drag him down a very long flight of stairs and feed him to an awaiting Demogorgon.

'Stranger Things' Season 3 Has A Post-Credits Scene And We Have Questions
"Hey, babe!" Photo: Netflix.

So, the many questions surrounding Russia's meddling with the evils of the Upside Down are one thing -- for instance, why are they keeping a Demogorgon as a pet when three seasons later we KNOW that's just a recipe for disaster?

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But the biggest question is from the casual banter between the guards:

'Stranger Things' Season 3 Has A Post-Credits Scene And We Have Questions
The WHAT? Photo: Netflix.

Well, there's a bit of a theory that while things looked pretty bad for one chief Jim Hopper, after successfully destroying the machine, it looked like Hop was unfortunately caught up in the explosion.

Or... was he?

We're also not the only ones wondering what the post-credit scene means for the future of 'Stranger Things', with Noah Schnapp -- who plays Will -- telling ET he hoped Hopper isn't "fully gone".

"I feel like he'll be coming back," Schnapp added, "I don't think he's gone forever."

Meanwhile, David Harbour who plays Hop weighed in saying he had "no idea" what the post-credit scene meant, but hoped it was good news for his character.

"I mean that, of course, is my hope too. It seems pretty crazy though. You know, that machine went off and blew up and Hopper seemed to be trapped there," he said. "He did glance around a little bit, but he seemed to be trapped and the machine exploded."

Something else to note: When Eleven finishes reading Hopper's note, and everyone is tearfully saying goodbye to each other, Peter Gabriel's cover of Bowie's "Heroes" plays.

It's not only interesting because it's an absolute banger, but because it was the same song that played in Season 1, Episode 3 when the fake Will body was discovered.

Could the show be hinting that this emotional goodbye... isn't exactly what it appears to be?

All signs to point to Hopper potentially being in the Russian prison, but there's one other person who could also be hanging out in that cell: Dr Martin Brenner.

Remember Dr Brenner? He was Eleven's original papa figure, raising her in the lab and the man who ultimately unleashed the first Demogorgon into Hawkins.

Dr Brenner (played by Matthew Modine) could be behind the door. Photo: Netflix.

Essentially, Brenner is the perfect captive for the Russians to have to fill them in on all things Upside Down. Brenner has been missing since he was attacked by one of the monsters -- presumed dead -- but back in Season 2 when Eleven visited Ray Carroll (the former orderly at the lab) he told her that Brenner was still alive and that he knew where he was.

Hopefully all our questions are answered soon, but before you get your conspiracy hat on and come up with another likely theory as to who could be behind the door, Harbour added in his chat with 'ET': "We should always hold onto hope.

"We should never let go of hope -- but Barb is really dead."

Featured image: Netflix.