The Bachelor 2019: 'He Asked Me To Marry Him!'

Meet the new women vying for Matt's heart, and the one that managed to snag a marriage proposal in their very first meeting.

Was it love at first sight? Perhaps! But the marriage proposal came when one of our new bachelorettes, Sogand, got Matt to repeat a phrase in Persian.


"I'm looking forward to hearing what I've actually uttered on national television!" Matt said, as Sogund left to enter the mansion.

Cut to an interview: "He asked me to marry him!" Sogund gushed.

Hey, all's fair in love and war, right?! And really, you gotta respect the hustle of a woman who can lock it down in the first minute.

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Of course, Sogund's going to need to keep up the hustle if she wants to lock him down for real.

In fact, the new trailer shows sparks flying with Helena, 25.

Picking up on her accent, Matt asked if she spoke any other languages, which led to a little flirtation in French. So, not only is Matt a legit astrophysicist, he also speaks multiple languages. Siri, how do you say "I've been wasting my life" in French????


Finally, we meet Kristen, who's impressed by Matt's ability to also converse in Chinese. Seriously! Is there anything the man can't do? Is he scared of spiders? Does he leave wet towels all over the house? How is this dude even still single? We're feeling extremely "I am confusion" over here, tbh.

Kristen was just as surprised and excited as us.

“I can’t believe he can speak some Chinese!” she exclaimed in the new promo.


Still, with so many gorgeous gals looking to form a connection with Matt, they'll also need to be fluent in the ~language of love~.

As Matt said, "If that’s the sign of things to come, I’ve got a really tough decision ahead.”

'The Bachelor' returns soon, only on 10 and WIN Networks.

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