How 'MasterChef's Derek Lau Stayed So Buff All Season

When you're stuck in the 'MasterChef' house, how do you stay so... beefy?

It's a very sad day for a lot of 'MasterChef' fans following Derek Lau's elimination on Thursday.

The time auction challenge saw Derek struggling to make a dish with his boxes featuring eggs, alliums and sauces and, unfortunately, his final dish failed to impress the judges.

But something that impressed EVERYONE all season were Derek's arms.

We caught up with Derek via the phone following his elimination to find out just how you stock the pantry with all that beef, even during the competition.

Calling the fitness routine "jail workouts", Derek admitted there were treadmills available at the house -- and he'd use exposed beams in the basement for pull-ups.

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"Simon [Toohey] and Walleed [Rasheed] and I would do these F45 work-outs, but we called them F30 because we couldn't be bothered doing a full 45," Derek told 10 daily.

Keeping fit wasn't just a way to make sure he could muscle the competition out of the way while sprinting to and from the pantry, but also a means to sanity during the mentally taxing competition.

For some of the more intense challenges -- like the first two-day challenge where Simon, Derek and Steph De Sousa had to recreate Kate Reid's Black Forest croissant.

After an emotional and stressful cook, having the time to decompress was important. "It was a nice way to just put your headphones in and zone out," he said.

While Derek was a fan favourite because of his charming demeanour, arms AND skills in the kitchen, he admitted the attention around his dreamy smile combined with his cooking was surprising.

"I don't know what the word for it is," he said, pausing, "Nice? I didn't ever think that would be a thing!

"I've always been relatively healthy," he said, chuckling, "I did this promo at work maybe three or four years ago and it was me sitting in a suit and it had 'Derek enjoys going to the gym and baking cakes'."

"It's the most opposite ends of the spectrum, but it's who I am!" He said, "I go to the gym so I can eat what I want."

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