'MasterChef': How Does Tim Keep Losing His Wedding Ring?

Tim Bone has made himself known for a few things throughout his time in the 'MasterChef' kitchen.

From his resemblance to Prince Harry, to his love of a good steak to his very wholesome day job as kitchen garden educator, we've really gotten to know T-Bone quite well in the last few months.

But he's also developed a reputation for losing his wedding ring mid cook -- flinging his jewellery off not once, but twice now as he's frantically tried to put together a show-stopping meal.

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The Banoffee Pie Incident
Round 1. Photo: Network 10.

Tim's ring made its first escape on camera during Heston Blumenthal's sweet nostalgia challenge. While explaining his banoffee pie to George and Heston, T-Bone's wedding band flew across the kitchen.

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"I've lost a bit of weight, the ring's a bit loose!" he laughed as he rushed to retrieve it from the floor.

"Don't lose your wedding ring, mate, hold onto that ring!" advised George as Heston cackled.

"Don't lose that ring!". Photo: Network 10.

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Mayhem On The 'MasterChef' Express
Not again! Photo: Network 10.

Tim was paired up with Tessa for the team challenge on the Q-Train, which turned into the magical 'MasterChef' Express for one day with contestants cooking along different stops of the Bellarine Railway in Victoria.

As Tim and Tessa put together the elements of their eggplant course, wedding ring disaster struck again, this time with much higher stakes!

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"I'm frying my eggplant chips and all of a sudden, my wedding ring flies off my finger," said Tim, explaining how it managed to land right in the path of the locomotive.

He climbed onto the tracks to retrieve his precious ring, noting that it was lucky he hadn't dropped it a few minutes later when the train pulled up at the platform.

"My ring would have been flattened!" he said.

Geez, Tim! Photo: Network 10.

"Geez, Tim, look after that, Abby will kill you!" said Tessa of Tim's wife whose blood pressure probably rises every time she watches her husband's wedding band go AWOL.

Tim slipped the ring back on his finger, with the fit still looking incredibly loose and we just want nothing more than for him to tie it around a necklace or keep it in his wallet for the rest of the comp because this is extremely stressful viewing.

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