Why Every 'MasterChef' Challenge Should Be On A Train

Our 'MasterChef' contestants got to experience what life is like when you're a chef aboard a boutique passenger train.

The top eight was split into pairs and tasked with cooking a vegetarian dish to be served at the Q-Train restaurant -- an eatery that serves gourmet meals along the Bellarine Railway in Victoria.

Anushka and Larissa, Nicole and Christina, Tim and Tessa, and Derek and Simon had to start their dishes on platforms along the route, then jump on the train in time to plate up in the train's tiny kitchen.

The elegance, drama and ~danger~ of the episode has made us decide that the 'MasterChef' kitchen should make the permanent move to a locomotive for these very convincing reasons.

Matt Preston Already Looks Like Hercule Poirot
Matt Preston was born for this role. Photo: Network 10/BBC.

Judge Matt Preston already looks like he was dressed by the costume department of 'Murder On The Orient Express' so he looks right at home sampling dishes aboard a moving train. Also, we'd honestly watch a 'MasterChef' spinoff where Matt critiques food by day and solves mysteries by night.

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It's not often that we get to see 'MasterChef' contestants accessorising -- they usually only have the option of an apron, a scrunchie and maybe some eye-catching spectacles. The train challenge brought us hats, hats and more hats and we're very much here for it.

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There's Already A Fun, Outdoor Audience
Beep, beep! Photo: Network 10.

In the 'MasterChef' kitchen, we really only get the input of George, Matt, Gary, the mentors and occasionally a guest chef. But in the beautiful outdoor kitchen that's set behind train tracks and a road, there are all sorts of fun characters that drop by. Bicycles, trains, lorries, a superb woman clad in hot pink zooming by on a scooter -- much more exciting than being indoors.

Train Puns
Tracking along nicely. Photo: Network 10.

For some reason, train imagery really lends itself well to puns and we can't get enough. Will the dishes be a trainwreck? Will someone's cook get de-railed?

An Element Of Danger
Danger on the train. Photo; Network 10.

Cooking is already pretty dangerous with all the sharp knives, boiling water, and fire. Add that to a moving vehicle with narrow hallways and a tiny kitchen and you've got yourself some real action.

Now excuse us, we'll be writing a petition for Season 12 to take place entirely on a moving train.

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