5 Reasons To Binge 'Five Bedrooms' This Weekend

One of the best new dramas of the year, it's basically begging for a binge.

Sure, this site is owned by Channel 10, and sure 'Five Bedrooms' is a Channel 10 show, but make no mistake: the following is an objective opinion that was scientifically checked:

'Five Bedrooms' is one of the best new dramas, if not the best new drama of the year, and if you missed it -- have no fear -- it's all ready and waiting for you to inhale whenever you want.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode1-2
That feeling when you realise you can binge the whole season in one go. Photo: Network 10.

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Here are five reasons why we think 'Five Bedrooms' deserves your attention.

1. Hot property

Perhaps you're one of the lucky few who have managed to tame the wild beast of property ownership. Like a unicorn that shoots fire and gold from every orifice, the honest-to-god reality for most of us is that we're just going to continue eating avocado toast and acknowledging that we're probably going to be renting until the eventual heat death of the universe.

The main premise in 'Five Bedrooms' focuses on a group of five folks all at different stages in their lives, all finding themselves at the difficult crossroad of not having enough to find their own property, but perfectly suited to combine their assets in a five-way split.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode8-1
Ainsley (Katie Robertson), Heather (Doris Younane) and Harry (Roy Joseph) in 'Five Bedrooms'. Photo: Network 10.

It's a timely, interesting concept that is perfectly executed -- from the difficulties of finding the right place, to the gorgeous reality of buying your dream home, only to be confronted with leaks, poor handyman work and... a missing deck?

2: Ease those 'Offspring' cravings

It's totally unavoidable to have some 'Offspring' comparisons with 'Five Bedrooms'. Showrunners Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett worked on 'Offspring' before, and there's also actual queen and legend Kat Stewart who plays Liz.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode8-2
Kat Stewart is exceptional as Liz. Photo: Network 10.

Lucas and Bartlett have such a fantastic way with words, the script is ridiculously sharp, with a few twists we really didn't see coming. The dialogue is hilarious, heartbreaking and so real all at once. Where 'Offspring' was so much about the Proudman family, 'Five Bedrooms' opens us up to a whole new kind of family -- the five housemates who couldn't be more wrong for each other, coming together as a makeshift family/commune/debacle.

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3. Matters of the heart

The show isn't all about housemate drama -- because eight episodes of people fighting about whose turn it is to take the bins out would be... well... pretty f**king boring.

Instead, 'Five Bedrooms' focuses on the various parts of each character's life, with a special focus on romance. Each character is somewhere on their own path when it comes to relationships -- Liz is coming out of what looks like a messy separation, Ben's got a few skeletons in his closet, Ainsley's been in love with her married co-worker for approximately 900 years and Harry's not out of the closet to his mum.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode4-3
Who needs a real dating life when you can live vicariously through a TV show? Photo: Network 10.

With each relationship, there's baggage, but more than anything there's tons of heart. And when it comes to matters of the heart... mess is not far behind.

It's also a show about five people trying to figure out where they are in life, finding out what's important -- be it sex, relationships, kissing Hugh Sheridan on the mouth, or just doing a bit of soul searching.

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4. A cast of brilliant secondary characters

Bartlett and Lucas have also created the most ridiculously brilliant cast of secondary characters, from the absolutely abhorrent Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan) to the immensely sensational Kumud Merani as the scene-stealing Manju.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode8-4
Kumud Merani as Harry's mum, Manju. Photo: Network 10.

The world of 'Five Bedrooms' is littered with these lovely, complex, hilarious and stoned characters that really make the show so vibrant.

5. The five best people you'll ever meet

Saving the best for last, at the core of this show are the five lead characters: Ben (Stephen Peacocke), Heather (Doris Younane), Ainsley (Katie Robertson), Harry (Roy Joseph) and Liz.

What starts off as a great (???) financial venture becomes so much more as the five housemates begin to settle into becoming more of a makeshift family.

Five Bedrooms-Season 1-Episode2-3
Ben (Stephen Peacocke) and Ainsley (Katie Robertson) dancing the night away. Photo: Network 10.

The show is also brought together with the sensational cast, who are just so phenomenal to watch. After just eight episodes, you feel like you're part of the family. Kat Stewart and Doris Younane are forces to be reckoned with, while Katie Robertson and Roy Joseph will break your heart. Stephen Peacocke is also just... the most charming man on the planet, so much so that it's somewhat unfair that other men should even exist.

It's a show with a ton of heart that may make you laugh and cry in the same scene. Sure, we may be a tad biased because of... you know... the whole 10 thing, but all eight episodes of 'Five Bedrooms' are now available for you to watch.

And honestly, it's totally worth it.

Stream the first season of 'Five Bedrooms' on 10 Play now.