12 US Survivors We'd Like To See Take On 'Australian Survivor'

Last year, iconic 'Survivor' villain Russell Hantz tried -- and failed -- to win 'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders'. Here's a list of American Survivors we'd like to see take on our Aussies.

1. Parvati

Parvarti has proven herself to not only be a physical threat in challenges, but a charmer with social game for days and good strategy to boot. Basically? She's a triple threat, and we're sure she could charm her way into an alliance that at least got her to the merge.

2. Boston Rob

Honestly, Boston Rob is one of the greatest Survivor players of all time and literally any tribe would be lucky to have him -- until they got picked off one by one. A true legend of the game, we're definitely not biased!!! Don't accuse us of that!!!

3. Shii-ann

Okay, we're not sure how far Shii-ann would make it with our Aussies, but we love her 'tude and would love to see her return to talk s**t on every player ever.

4. Ozzy

Ozzy is one of those people who is just made for this game, right? One of the biggest physical threats the game has ever seen, Ozzy is another person you'd want on your tribe until the time came to flip on your alliance and cut him loose for being too good. You gotta do what you gotta do.

5. Michaela

Michaela not only brought us more than a few iconic one-liners, she solidified her place in the 'Survivor' Hall of Fame by being one of the most GIFable and entertaining players to watch, and we just love that for us, you know?

6. Michael

Michael is a certified dream-boat, best remembered in this household for his generous habit of participating in water challenges while wearing nothing but jocks. Michael’s determination made him something of a fan favourite --particularly when he insisted on finishing the gross-food-eating competition, despite having already lost. He'd have no trouble charming the ladies and befriending the Aussie blokes -- a true double threat!

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7. Sandra

One thing Sandra has in common with our Aussies? Well, she hates Russell! Sandra is the queen of savagery, but has still managed to win the game, not once, but TWICE. Now that's a legend.

8. James

Hi, we'd like to purchase tickets to the gun show, ya know? No, but really, James has been pulled out of the game by medical TWICE, despite being a huge physical threat, and we think he deserves a chance with our guys.

9. Aubry

Aubry is perhaps best remembered for having a 9/10 emotional breakdown on day one, before finding her feet, securing a solid alliance, and storming the game all the way to the final tribal council. While her recent return to the game in the US was a frantic mess that didn’t go quite to plan, according to her Instagram she’s since been on a spiritual journey that would likely see her balance her emotions and fiery passion for the game. Her ability to relate to others on a human level would see her gel well with Aussie players of the game.

10. Tyson

We love a triumphant villain, sue us!!! But also, for all of Tyson's strengths, he also made one of the worst 'Survivor' moves in history in 'Heroes Vs Villains', when he switched his vote to Parvarti, only to have her play an idol and get himself sent home. That's the kind of drama we love and need, you know?

11. Davie

Davie might’ve only come in 6th place in 'Survivor: David vs. Goliath', but his underdog grit and BEAUTIFUL SMILE made him a player to remember. We also love him because he had the guts to not only find the hidden immunity idol, but play it on someone else to land a complete blindside.

12. Cirie

The self-proclaimed couch potato also happens to be one of the strongest social players in 'Survivor' history. Cirie is one of those players who could so easily find herself a 'Survivor' goat, but she's crafty and sneaky enough to be recognised as a formidable threat by anyone who knows a good Survivor.

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