A Reminder Of Everyone Who's Won An Immunity Pin On 'MasterChef' This Season

Roll call!

As we get closer to the end of this season, the competition to nab a sparkly immunity pin from George's collection is heating up.

With just a few weeks to go, winning an elegant gold 'MasterChef' brooch pretty much guarantees that contestant will make it the top five, maybe even the top three.

None of our remaining amateur chefs (Anushka, Christina, Derek, Larissa, Nicole, Simon, Tim, Tessa) currently have any hardware pinned to their chef whites but we decided to take a look at who's historically had success in immunity challenges.

Tim Bone
Pin pals! Photo: Network 10.

T-Bone nabbed a pin very early in the competition, proving that he could indeed keep up with Curtis Stone to plate up a mouth-watering Porterhouse steak with twice cooked chips and broccolini.

Tim played it safe and used his pin to avoid the 'black' Mystery Box that included eggplant, blackberry, Black Angus steak and black garlic.

Mentor: As the first immunity challenge of the competition, this episode was a bit of a wild card with a guaranteed pin and no mentor present (except Curtis, of course).

Tim's Porterhouse steak won him the first pin of the comp. Photo: Network 10.

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Tessa Boersma
Photo: Network 10.

The following week, both Tessa and Derek went head to head with chef Max Sharrad, but Tessa's divine Pork Belly In A Garden Of Orange blew the judges away and earned her the powerful piece of jewellery.

Just like Tim, Tessa wasn't going to take any risks and used her pin as soon as she needed it, to avoid the 'favourite' and 'least favourite' ingredient challenge that sent Yossra home.

Mentor: Poh earned her first pin as she rallied behind her protegees, Tessa and Derek during the cook.

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Sandeep Pandit
Andy Allen couldn't have been happier for Sandeep to win the pin. Photo: Network 10.

After two weeks of nobody managing to beat the pro chefs, Sandeep had a killer night that saw him serve up his unforgettable Masala Lobster, following it up with a win against Andy Allen with his Lemon Chicken.

Sandeep ended up using his pin because of his bad back -- unfortunately missing out on the herb garden challenge that he would have blitzed if he wasn't feeling crook.

Mentor: Poh, again! Sandeep credited Poh's mentorship as the reason he took home a pin and the former 'MasterChef' fave chalked up two wins to her name.

George told Sandeep he should place the shell on his mantle to remember this day forever. Photo; Network 10.

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Tessa Boersma

Tessa made season 11 history when she won her second pin of the comp with a scrumptious looking Cheese and Onion Millefeuille against Jesse McTavish from North Bondi Fish.

Tessa played her second pin to score a spot in the top 10 so she could miss out on the sugar-free elimination challenge that sent Sandeep home.

Mentor: Matt Sinclair earned his first mentor pin, yay!

Tessa's milly-filly. Photo: Network 10.

Tonight, we'll see Simon, Nicole, Derek and Larissa face off for an immunity pin that could change EVERYTHING so watch this space.

Larissa Takchi
Larry's time to shine. Photo: Network 10.

Larissa finally made it to the second round of an immunity challenge and devised an inspired strategy against chef Adam D'Sylva. Working to her strengths and exploiting Adam's weakness in the kitchen, she chose a bizarre selection of ingredients (corn, more corn and curry leaves) and won with her a sweet corn panna cotta. Go, Larry!

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