'I Was Not Contacted Nor Did I Approve It': Former One Directioner Hits Out At HBO Series For Animated Sex Scene

HBO's controversial series 'Euphoria' has raised a few eyebrows due to the amount of full-frontal male nudity in the series, but the latest episode has fans talking for a whole different reason.

Forget the now infamous "30 penises in one scene", because HBO's series 'Euphoria' has taken things to a whole new level -- a new direction, if you will.

In the recent episode, an unexpected animated sequence brought one character's fanfic to life, depicting Harry Styles performing oral sex on former bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

Many fans of One Direction are hitting out at the series for using the real-life example of what was -- in the fanfic and stan world -- often referred to as Larry Stylinson (the combo of Harry and Louis' names as a conspiracy theory the pair were somehow in a relationship during their time in the band).

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Following the episode, a petition -- which at the time of writing was nearing its goal of 10,000 signatures -- was circulating to get the scene removed from the episode.

"This is beyond disgusting and shouldn’t have been incorporated into the show," the petition's description reads, "I’d like to see it be removed or at least altered in the show."

Following the backlash, Tomlinson himself responded to a fan confirming that HBO and the showrunners did not contact him or seek his approvals for the scene to be featured.

Speaking to the 'Los Angeles Times', the show's creator Sam Levinson said the idea behind the character's fanfic obsession was framed around "subjective reality".

"Something that I thought was a fascinating or exciting idea was to take this burgeoning curiosity about sexuality that’s ultimately framed through the lens of fan fiction and allow it to come to life," Levinson said.

Part of the reason why many fans seem especially angered by the animated sequence is due to whispers that the ongoing rumours and fan speculation around 'Larry Stylinson' reportedly strained Harry and Louis' real-life friendship, leading to their eventual falling out.

'Euphoria' airs weekly on Fox Showcase.

Featured image: HBO / Getty Images.