'There's No Feud': Tom Gleeson Insists There's No Bad Blood With Grant Or Amanda

Tom Gleeson has explained on 'The Project' that he's not feuding with Grant Denyer or Amanda Keller following his successful Gold Logie campaign.

Gleeson was criticised for the light-hearted smear campaigns he launched against rivals in his category and was asked by Steve Price whether he had "destroyed the Logies".

“Steve, I do not think that I’m that powerful," said Gleeson. 

"I was entertaining the people at home, not the people in the room,” he added, explaining that there were only 600 people in the Logies venue and he was “aiming for the million at home”. 

Gleeson's speech poked fun at the way the Logies popular vote is run, with the comic explaining that he was just "really good at manipulating the media". He also referenced comedy hero Norman Gunston (Garry McDonald) who ran a similar Logies campaign over 40 years ago.

'Turns Out I'm Really Good At Manipulating The Media': Gleeson Wins Gold Logie

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Last year's Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer had publicly denounced Gleeson's campaign, threatening to "super-glue the thing to his bloody bald head" if Gleeson won the Logie Award.

Speaking to 'The Project' Gleeson acknowledged Grant's good-naturedness, saying he wished he had thanked him in his acceptance speech.

"I would like to thank Grant Denyer because, last year, he won the Gold Logie and I hijacked his whole campaign and he rolled with it in good spirits and he was always in on the joke and having a great time," said Gleeson. 

"There’s no feud, in fact, I’m going on 'Celebrity Name Game' so if he’s got anything he wants to say to me, he can rip into me then," Gleeson said of appearing on Denyer's game show. 

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Waleed Aly -- who was nominated for his second Gold Logie against Tom -- asked whether someone like Amanda Keller "who's worked really hard" in the industry might feel about Gleeson's approach to the award show.

"See, I was talking to Amanda just before, a couple of hours ago at the airport and she has a sense of humour. She would actually be offended by the idea that I felt sorry for her.

"So I find it really hard to do that, because if I do that, I'm denying her a sense of humour and she was finding it funny."

Feud averted!

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