'Celebrity Name Game': Michelle Bridges And The Commando Set To Test Their Knowledge

We caught up with the celebrity trainer to see who she thinks will be the Biggest Winner on CNG.

For the very first time Michelle Bridges and Steve "The Commando" Willis will go head-to-head in one of the most intense battlegrounds imaginable: The 'Celebrity Name Game' set.

Speaking to 10 daily, Michelle admitted both she and the Commando are super competitive. "But it's more with ourselves than each other," she said, before adding, "that said, we are always up for the win!"

Admitting she thought she would be better with the pop culture references, Michelle said she was surprised by the Commando's ability to hold his own, but like their killer workouts -- 'CNG' comes with its own brand of stress-makers.

"The pressure of the clock [was the most difficult thing], knowing you had very little time to waste," Michelle told 10 daily.

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With the pair going head-to-head under the guidance of host Grant Denyer, we asked Michelle what her baby boy Axel thinks seeing mum and dad on the TV -- like when Steve proved himself a champion in last season of 'Australian Survivor', or when Michelle sashayed her way through weeks of 'Dancing with the Stars'.

"He will stand and look at the telly and say 'That's Dadda!!' or 'That's Mumma' with total surprise!" Michelle said, "It's very cute to see."

As for her time on 'DWTS', Michelle admitted she hadn't been keeping up the dancing as much as she liked, "However Aric [Yegudkin] and I have discussed the idea of a dance workout. Now that would be fun!"

After Michelle's time on 'DTWS', she said people would stop her on the street to tell her how much they loved seeing her compete on the dance floor.

"I’ve had people stop me in the street, men and women, and tell me how much they enjoyed watching me on the show, putting myself out there and being a beginner."

"It's been really lovely," she told 10 daily, "I thoroughly enjoyed every hard-earned minute of it. What a great positive family show to be a part of. I'm very grateful for the experience."

For the epic (and most likely hilarious) showdown between Michelle and the Commando, make sure to tune into 'Celebrity Name Game' at 6 on Network 10 and WIN Network.