'MasterChef': The Ways That Apple Pie Attempted To Break Everyone's Spirits

It was an apple pie by name, but most definitely not by nature.

Introduced by Matt Preston as Kirsten 'The Terrible' Tibballs, Australia's chocolate queen entered the 'MasterChef' kitchen with a top nine-worthy dish.

"Kirsten Tibballs is in the house, oh no, what am I in for?" said Tim, who was last sent home by another diabolical dessert -- Shannon Kellam's Chocolate de Passion.

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Kirsten lifted the cloche on something that she said was an apple pie, but didn't exactly look like something your grandma might make for Sunday dessert.

Apple lie. Photo: Network 10.

Even before the cook began, the facial expressions of Tim, Tati and Anushka said it all as they stared down the delicacy that they'd have 3.5 hours to magic out of apples, butter, jelly and thin air.

Defs not an apple pie. Photo: Network 10.

As the elimination trio sampled Kirsten's dessert, it seemed that with every delicious flavour their tastebuds discovered, the more their faces dropped into concerned frowns of existential dread.

Apple cry. Photo: Network 10.

The layers contained a devilish mix of a cardamom and cinnamon shortbread on the base, a sauteed apple covered in a green apple jelly, topped with chewy caramel with a soft vanilla cream on top AND an entirely separate crumble layer.

"Precision is absolutely essential," warned Kirsten.

Tim noted that the shine and even-ness of the apple domes was "really freaking him out" and yeah, we'd have to agree.

Over the next few hours, the nine-page long recipe attempted to break the spirits of Tim, Tati and Anushka in some extremely creative ways.

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Anushka's Duel With An Out-Of-Control Mixer

Disaster struck early -- and messily -- for poor Nushie, who started racing through the recipe so fast that she might have turbo-charged her mixer and added a little bit too much flour to begin her pastry.

"Turn it down, turn it down!" yelled Gary, who wasn't far away from the flour explosion perimeter.

Turn it down, Nushie! Photo: Network 10.

Pie 1-Nushie-0

Tim's Sunken Corners

As Tim removed his pie base from the oven and removed the rice he used to blind bake the pastry, the gantry reacted in horror.

"Oh, it's shrunk a bit," observed Larissa.

Photo: Network 10.

Tim attempted to knead his shrunken corner a little -- like a cat settling into a comfy chair -- because a small hole had formed during the bake.

"If I've got holes in the corner of my pie base, the filling will just leak out!" said Tim.

Pie 1- Tim-0 

Uh-oh. Photo: Network 10.

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Tati's Apple Puree Measurements
Photo: Network 10.

As Tati put her apple puree, sugar and gelatin on the stove, the gantry -- like a damned Greek tragic chorus -- recoiled as they noticed her fatal mistake.

"I'm only supposed to put 65g of the apple puree on the heat and I've put 255g!" said Tati.

She measured the ingredients again to re-start her jelly but the kerfuffle cost her precious time in the apple pie marathon.

Pie 1-Tati-0

The Mysterious Turbo Oven

Anushka opened the oven to check on her crumble which she noticed was "a bit crumbly".

"Did you bake that in the turbo-fan?" asked Kirsten, to which Anushka replied that no, she'd used the regular oven.

We seem to hear about the blast chiller 724 times an episode but we honestly can't recall there being a ~turbo~ oven in the 'MasterChef' kitchen. Why isn't everyone turbo-cooking every recipe? Surely it doesn't exist?

We have no idea how many types of ovens there are in the 'MasterChef' kitchen. Photo: Network 10.

Oh wait, it was actually the first step of the entire recipe, never mind.

Turbo. Photo: Network 10.

Pie 2-Nushie 0

In conclusion, we've decided that Kirsten's apple pie is more of an eating pie and less of a home-cooking pie but having said that, you can attempt the ridiculously tricky recipe over here.

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