‘MasterChef’: Corn, Corn And More Corn: Larissa Is A Tactical Genius

Larissa Takchi pulled off the immunity challenge of the season by yanking the culinary rug from underneath Adam D'Sylva's feet.

It was the first time Larry had made it to the second stage of an immunity cook and she wasn't about to waste her shot at claiming a shiny pin.

After her yakitori-style chicken with bonito mayonnaise and furikake seasoning secured her a spot against the head chef of Tonka and Coda in Melbourne, she got to work in putting together the most bats**t collection of items from the 'MasterChef' pantry.

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Laser focused on exploiting Adam's very few weaknesses, she explained that she'd be "creating a dessert around corn", a statement that had mentor Matt Sinclair nervously raising his eyebrows.

"I'm thinking of doing a dessert around corn. " Photo: Network 10.

"What I'd love to see in that basket would be chilli, ginger, garlic, shallots, soy sauce, fish sauce, all the things that I love," Adam naively said before the cook.

Cut to evil genius Larissa who continued to forage for every corn related item in the pantry including Corn Flakes, corn on the cob and microwave popcorn. She also threw in items like blackberries, cream, eggs, sugar, salt and CURRY LEAVES to her psychological kitchen nightmare of a basket.

Curry leaves??? Photo: Network 10.

Larry knew that she'd have to be a little bit strategic to beat Adam, who's previously crushed three different 'MasterChef' contestants in immunity challenges.

"My strategy is to pick really random ingredients... if I can create a sweet mystery box to throw Adam off, then I might have a chance at the immunity pin," she explained.

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As Larry got started on her sweet corn panna cotta, Corn Flakes ice cream, fresh blackberry, popcorn brittle and deep fried curry leaf dish, Adam was introduced to the absolute nightmare he was about to step into.

"What is she doing?" Photo: Network 10.

"I’m actually just stunned," the pro chef sighed as he rifled through the mountain of various corn products. 

"This basket of ingredients is actually my worst nightmare," he added, saying that he was going to be having 'Children of The Corn' themed nightmares later that night. 

"Larissa is definitely a child of the corn," he said. 

"What's with all the corn?" Photo: Network 10.

Not ready to start experimenting with corn in all its forms, Adam decided to go and confront Larry over her sick corn obsession.

"What's with all the corn?" he asked Larissa, who was clearly (corn) relishing her position of power against the pro.

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" I like corn," explained Larry, not stopping her cook to chat about the divisive vegetable.

"Are you right, mate?" she asked, way too focused to be having a mid-cook chin-wag with her competitor.

Corn, corn and more corn. Oh, and curry leaves. Photo: Network 10.

The pair eventually plated up their ~unusual~ corn dishes with Adam having an experiment with a corn risotto served with a corn custard and a Corn Flakes honey joy.

"That is a random selection of ingredients," observed Matt as the served up their first helping or corn.

What is this? Photo: Network 10.

"I don't think any of us have ever seen, heard, read, found on the internet any dish that combines corn, Corn Flakes, blackberries and curry leaves," said Matt.

"Insane combination! Larissa, if that was strategy, it was brilliant," he added.

Adam 0, Larry of the Corn -1. Photo: Network 10.

Larry's insane combo paid off, with her dish scoring her sevens across the board and Adam receiving a trio of sixes.

Which means Larissa is the only member of the top eight to have an immunity pin in her corner as we head into the final weeks of the competition.

Go Larry!

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