Tati Carlin's Peanut Cracker Recipe Went Viral Without Her Knowing

Following an incredibly hectic Apple Pie pressure test, the queen of spice, the flavour dominator, Tati was sadly sent packing.

Speaking to 10 daily via phone, Tati said heading into the pressure test she was initially feeling good. Laughing, she repeated, "I was feeling good".

"I knew normally the pressure test has a lot to do with dessert because it requires a lot of steps," she continued, "I tried to multitask -- people at home think it's easy -- it sounded like an apple crumble, how easy is that! But it wasn't!"

The three-and-a-half hour cook saw Tati, Anushka and Tim each having to recreate Kirsten Tibballs' ridiculously delicious, but devilishly detailed "Apple Pie" which, according to Tati, required more than 60 steps and a nine-page recipe.

Tati Carlin's Peanut Cracker Recipe Went Viral Without Her Knowing
Like no apple pie I've ever seen. Photo: Network 10.

Knowing Kirsten's reputation Tati was met with... a mixed reaction seeing her walk through the 'MasterChef' kitchen doors. "I've had her cake before, it had a lot of different layers and mirror glazing -- so sophisticated -- when she came in I was like, 'Ohhhhh nooooooo'."

"I said to myself, 'I'm in trouble'."

Unfortunately for Tati, one minor mistake with her apple jelly put her behind the others as she quickly attempted to remake it and catch up. From there, it was a race to try and nail every element under a ticking clock.

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"I'm quite okay working under pressure," Tati told 10 daily, "but it's different when you're working under pressure with the time. Time was our enemy!

"You could cook anything, but not everyone could cook under certain time, with cameras around you and judges talking to you," she said. "That was the really difficult part -- cooking under pressure with so much going around you.

"If I didn't make that mistake I would have been pretty okay, but it's a pressure test. Anything can go wrong. When you make one mistake, you get overwhelmed and flustered. I'm not a dessert person, I have to admit that, but I learned so much throughout the competition."

It was a bit of a surprise for Tati to even be in the pressure test, having made it all the way to the top nine without having been through one. "I normally did pretty well with invention tests," she admitted, "I didn't expect to go through that difficult pressure test."

That wasn't the only surprise for the fan favourite.

Getting the opportunity to cook for Massimo Bottura was a huge highlight for Tati, during the no-waste challenge where she created a Gado-gado for the renowned chef.

"He made the time for other people, he's concerned about food waste and people going hungry," Tati said of her time cooking for Bottura, "I think if we had a lot more Massimos... the world would be a better place, don't you agree?"

While the season began and the contestants were in the 'MasterChef' house, without their phones, Tati said they'd lose track of things like what day it was. Tati kept a diary throughout the competition to remember challenges, mystery box ingredients and the wins and fails of the week.

"I'm getting older, if I don't write them I'd forget all of it," she said laughing. While she kept a detailed diary she also was using just a notebook to keep track of the days but admitted she got confused a few times.

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"One week someone sent me a text, I got really confused, they said we saw you on TV but I said you can't because [MasterChef Australia] is not on in Indonesia, and they said, 'Your peanut crackers!'."

While she was in lockdown, unknown to her, Tati's peanut cracker recipe went viral in her home country of Indonesia. According to Tati, the episode where she made her sour chicken curry and Rempeyek peanut crackers was viewed over 2 million times.

Now working in a bakehouse in her hometown of Sassafras, Tati is also working on making sure anyone can try her viral peanut crackers.

"Hopefully in the next couple of months it'll be out there, I'll be able to put them online and in a couple of Indonesian restaurants," she said before promising to let us know when they'd be available.

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Featured image: Network 10.