Carrie Bickmore Recalls 'Terrible' First Episode Of 'The Project' After Awesome Logies Win

Ahead of it's 10th birthday, 'The Project' took home the award for Most Popular Panel or Current Affairs Program.

Accepting the Logie award on Sunday, Carrie Bickmore -- who returns to 'The Project' desk next month after taking maternity leave -- told the crowd how excited she was, especially because when the show was starting out, pretty much no one would've predicted the show's massive success, 10 years on.

"First of all, thanks to our viewers, those who've just started watching us and those who've been there from day one," she began.

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"In a couple of weeks, we celebrate 10 years of 'The Project', which is a remarkable effort for us, in this day and age on TV."

Carrie continued: "I still remember the first episode, it was terrible, and Hughsey remarked at the end of it that that was his career done, and I remember thinking, 's**t, if that's what Hughesy's saying I have no hope!'" she laughed.

"So for us still to be here 10 years later, is so amazing, and there's so many people who have come and gone from our show, and this award tonight is for so many people who sit on the desk who aren't here with us tonight, and who make our show. This is for them."

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Following Carrie, co-host and Gold Logie nominee Waleed Aly added:

"Before we go, we do have to thank our network, because they pay us, but also, because it's a matter of record that the show had a tough start 10 years ago, and a lot of people thought that it wouldn't have lasted a year."

He continued: "It's only because they invested, and they were prepared to stick with it, and in the end, we got one of these! So thank you so much".

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