Logies 2019: We Asked Ryan Moloney If He'd Bring Back Toadie's Mullet

Chatting to Ryan Moloney about the iconic shot of him in the Hawaiian shirt with his long, luscious hair, Ryan laughed. "I call them the sexy days," he said.

Asked whether he still owned that shirt, Ryan wasn't sure.

"Oh, I don't know, actually," he began. "I'm not sure if I've got that shirt. I've got one very similar to it -- I actually have a bunch of Toadie's old shirts stored at home, so who knows. It could be in there!"

Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone ahead of television's night of nights -- the Logies -- we asked him if he'd seen much of the response to his nomination as Most Popular Actor for his work as Toadie on 'Neighbours'.

"Um, not a lot cause I actually don't have social media, so I don't actually kind of know what's really going on," he laughed, adding that he hadn't been "doing any lurking".

"I've been told it's a good response, so that's good!" he added.

While he may not have seen much of our #ToadiesTime campaign on his behalf, he did mention that he got sent a photo of the Toadie undies we featured in one of our articles the other day.

"That's a little disturbing," he laughed. "I think that might kind of put the brakes on any kind of amorous move maybe."

He considered the kind of person who would try to pick someone up while wearing his face on their underwear. "You know, that's someone who's full of confidence, that person," he mused.

Mildly disturbing or not, though, Ryan's happy to have his place in Australian pop culture.

"You know, I suppose as an actor you are trying to create a memorable character, and one that obviously resonates with the public, with your audience, should I say," he said.

"So to be honest, I'm actually really glad that the audience feels that way about the character. It means I've done my job."

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It's a job that Ryan's been doing for a while now -- 25 years, to be more specific.

Asked to list some of his favourite memories, Ryan said that working through the era with Jesse Spencer and Kim Valentine holds a special place in his heart.

"The Kennedy family were like another family of mine really, and going to school and going to work at the same time was kind of quite weird," he recalled.

"I used to go to school over the road from the actual studio," Ryan continued, laughing: "If I didn't want to do any particular school work I'd just say, 'oh, I've gotta go to work now' and get out of it."

Still, Ryan also cherishes his last decade on the show, specifically due to his character's "pretty special" love story with Sonya Rebecchi, played by Gold Logie nominee Eve Morey.

"That's the kind of relationship that we were lucky enough to be able to create and you know, we really liked each other at the same time, so that's good," he shared. "It's obviously not going to be the same with her not being there. But you know, onto the next chapter."

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So what's next for Toadie? Ryan thinks his character is long overdue for some downtime.

"If he doesn't have any downtime, I think a mental breakdown is coming for Toadie," Ryan laughed.  "He might have a psychotic break at some point. Or maybe just have some downtime!"

With that, we thought we'd better ask the most important question on our list: If Ryan wins the Logie tonight, will he bring back the mullet?

He laughed.

"Look, if I win then I'm ready to find a mullet to wear to the acceptance speech, how about that?" he compromised.

We're fine with that!

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Featured image: Network 10