'I Find Out When You Find Out': 'Masked Singer' Host Osher Günsberg Debuts Two Of The Mystery Singers

Who is hiding under the masks?!

All eyes were on Osher Günsberg at the 2019 TV Week Logies, but not because of his always exceptional hair. This time it was because of his dates.

Yep, we said dates because on each arm, Osh was walking the carpet with a giant pirate prawn and a very dapper wolf. You know, the usual sort of thing.

Announced just earlier this morning, Osh has taken up the hosting duties of the upcoming singing competition with a twist: 'The Masked Singer'.

The comp sees a handful of celebrities competing in the singing show against each other, decked out in elaborate costumes so no one has any clue who is hiding under the mask. Not even our very charming host.

"These could be anyone," Osher told Jesse Baird on the red carpet. "They could be famous politicians, they could be a sports star under here, could be an author, could be someone from Instagram... I don't know! So I find out when you find out," he said.

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According to Osh the mystery at the heart of the show -- who are the celebs under the masks -- will be hinted at throughout with someone being unmasked after each ep.

"If the stuff I've seen from overseas is anything to go by... it's a massive surprise," he teased.

Check out the video above to see the prawn and the wolf in all their mysterious glory... and start hunting for those clues

'The Masked Singer' Australia is coming soon to 10 and 10 play.