'I Thought I Was Going To Be Murdered On The Red Carpet': Grant Denyer's Near-Death Logies Experience

Chatting to Jesse Baird ahead of the Logies Red Carpet, Grant Denyer shared a lifesaving tip.

"Everyone thinks it's a really nice, polite, pleasant affair but it's actually quite... it's aggressive and confronting and there's a lot of people fighting for space on the red carpet," Grant admitted.

Letting Jesse in on a little secret of how to survive his first Logies the 'Celebrity Name Game' and Gold Logie winner gave his number one tip: always watch where you're stepping.

"Don't tread on anyone's dress train," Grant said, "I did that once to -- I'm going to say -- a 'TV icon' and whoa, when they turned around, the look I received! I thought I was going to be murdered on the red carpet.

'I Thought I Was Going To Be Murdered On The Red Carpet': Grant Denyer's Near-Death Logies Experience
Grant and wife Chezzi at the 2018 Logies where he went on to win Most Popular Presenter as well as the Gold Logie. Photo: Getty Images.

"I thought it was going to be red for a different reason," he continued, "because I was a dead man."

"It feels a bit like a war zone sometimes!"

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Still, it wasn't all doom and gloom, Grant also said it was all about having fun and enjoying TV's night of nights. Pacing yourself, and making sure you plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. That goes for all the nominees as well.

"If you go to the toilet and they close those doors, you can't get back in -- even if you're nominated or even if you're going to win," Grant said.

"You spend a lot of time sitting at that table with a full bladder," he joked, "to the point where almost your back teeth are floating, you know what I mean?"

Fingers (and legs) crossed for all our nominees tonight.

Click to vote for the 2019 Logie Award nominees here. Voting closes at 7.30pm Sunday, June 30 after the red carpet wraps up.

Featured image: Getty Images.