Logies 2019: Carrie Bickmore Is 'So Excited' To Return To 'The Project'

Chatting exclusively with 10 Daily, Carrie Bickmore was excited to mark her return to 'The Project' with a Logie win.

"It's amazing, what a way to come back, too!" she exclaimed,  continuing, "which I think signifies that I only deserve half of this award because, for the other half of the year, the beautiful Gorgi Coghlan has been stepping in for me."

In fact, Carrie reiterated what she'd said onstage while accepting the award for Most Popular Panel or Current Affairs Program, emphasising that the award is just as much for the people who've stepped in on the panel, as well as the crew behind the scenes.

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"I'm so excited to be back with my family," Carrie gushed.

Asked to predict what the future holds for 'The Project', Carrie joked that because she was "starting to grey rapidly", that they "might have to switch to ABC or something, we're all ageing!"

She laughed. "No, I don't know. I think we're the sort of show that doesn't look too far ahead -- we're just in the moment and always just thankful another year has gone past," she said. "So to say what the next 20 years looks like, I don't think I could've predicted at all the 10 years we've had, so I think to try to predict the next 10 would be silly!"

Feature image: 10