The Wildest Bits You Missed On The Logies Red Carpet (Including Sam Mac's Butt)

It's television's night of nights, and we've got all the red carpet goss comin' in hot from the Gold Coast!

Sam Mac, on his "cattoo": "I did [get a tattoo], I call it a 'cattoo'. It's my rescue cat, Cocoa, and it's on my hip, and much like Shakira, my hips don't lie, so I'm pretty pumped for that.

Amanda Keller, on being nominated for the Gold Logie for the second year in a row: "I'm thrilled, I'm really thrilled, and it's such a nice thing, because people pour love at you, and it's the nicest thing. It's like having a birthday, everyday!"

Eve Morey, on feeling confident: "Oh, wha--that I'll win something? I'm not confident about that I'm going to win anything, but I'm feeling good! I'm ready to have a good time!

Glenn Robbins, on whether he'd be featured on 10 Daily: "Well not necessarily, because we haven't done the interesting bit yet, which is me saying something controversial."

Stephen Curry, on Logies night: "I'm so excited to be here, actually, it gets me out of the house! I've got a seven and a five-year-old, so you know, this is one of those experiences I don't get very often! I get to go out, have a couple of beers, wake up at some stage of the morning, know what I mean? There's no pitter-patter of little feet, it's perfect for me, mate. It's great!"

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Grant Denyer, on Tom Gleeson: "Tom Gleeson wants me in his camp so desperately, he can rack off! I am full #AmandaForGold. If Tom Gleeson gets it, I'm gonna run up there and I'm gonna super glue the thing to his bloody bald head! I've had enough of him! He's taking credit for my Gold Logie win last year, he'll take credit for my bloody first born, if I let him! So I've had enough of Tom Gleeson! Although he's very funny."

Tom Gleeson is up for the 2019 Logie award. Image: AAP

Jonathan LaPaglia, on what's in store for 'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders' this season: "I think it's gonna be a good season, it certainly felt that way while we were shooting it."

Georgia Love on the Gold Coast vibes: "It's so nice up on the Gold Coast, it's so chilled, it's got that real Gold Coast vibe about it. It's fun! You can go jump in the water tomorrow morning, that'll cure hangovers!"

Georgia Love, with another hangover cure: "I actually have the best -- the only hangover cure you'll ever need! It's called a Bubbling Blood, my mum invented it. It is one Berocca and one Alka-Seltzer in a big glass of water before you go to bed. I PROMISE, you will feel a hundred times better in the morning!"

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