People Can't Focus On The Logies Because Everyone's Cutlery Is Too Loud


It's TV's night of nights but the 61st annual TV Week Logie Awards are being upstaged... by dinner.

This year, viewers noticed that a lot of the ceremony was being drowned out by the sound of cutlery clanging and scraping. One viewer described it as "reverse ASMR".

Earlier in the night, there were also complaints from viewers at home who noticed the crowd seated in the Star Casino were chatting while presenters Grant Denyer and Dylan Alcott attempted to lead into their award.

But the crowd seemed to settle down after a few more awards... and the cutlery was right back into our ears.

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Some viewers even had a few inspired solutions, including a classic 'MasterChef' tip: there can't be clanging cutlery if there's no cutlery.

Still, it's good to note that the next year the Logies can award themselves a neat little award.

Featured image: Getty Images.