'I Really Think We Should Lighten The F**k Up': Tom Gleeson Claims Gold Logie

Tom Gleeson's tireless Logies campaigning actually paid off.

The 'Hard Quiz' host has taken home the coveted Gold Logie, beating out favourites Costa Georgiadis, Amanda Keller and Waleed Aly.

The win surprised the entire room as Gleeson took the stage and began to explain exactly how he managed to claim the gong -- the first Gold Logie won by an ABC personality in over 40 years.

Photo: Nine.

"I like it and I hate it at the same time," he told the crowd.

"For some reason, you've got to campaign for it but I do host the highest rating game show in Australia, so this is mine," Gleeson added. 

"Turns out, I'm just really good at manipulating the media to do things for me, which, if you think about it, it's why we're all here," he said, taking a sip from his champagne glass. 

"So, maybe I do deserve this award," he smirked.

In the lead up to the Logie Awards, the comedian had launched some light-hearted smear ads against his rivals, causing Grant Denyer to accuse Gleeson of "taking the piss" on 2DayFm.

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On the night of the Logies, Denyer said in red carpet interview that Gleeson could "rack off" when asked about who deserved to win the top prize.

"If Tom Gleeson gets it, I'm going to run up there and I'm going to super glue the thing to his bloody bald head," adding that he'd also "punch him in the knee".

Grant Denyer Really Doesn't Want Tom Gleeson To Win The Gold Logie

But Gleeson had the last laugh, as he powered through his acceptance speech, relishing every second on stage.

"According to Grant Denyer, I've ruined the Logies but at least I won this all by myself," joked Gleeson. 

"This is a win for the ABC, first time in 40 years, baby! The last time the ABC won was Norman Gunston, who inspired this campaign," he said of Garry McDonald's iconic character. 

Gleeson noted that he tried in vain to get an endorsement from McDonald himself who replied: 'I'm a huge fan of Tom, but I also can't be arsed.'

Tom Gleeson. Photo: Getty Images.

After giving some "serious thank-yous" to 'The Weekly With Charlie Pickering', the 'Hard Quiz' crew and contestants, and his wife who looked pretty ready to go home, Gleeson tried to get to the heart of the reason behind his campaign.

"I will say this, there's been a lot of concern that I'm turning this award into a joke.

"I'm a comedian, I love jokes. 

"[This award] has done a lot of things for a lot of people... to me, it represents jokes but I love jokes and I really think we should lighten the f**** up, I really do."

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Gleeson said the aim of his campaign was to "have fun with the whole thing" and that it would have been "weirder" if he'd campaigned for the Gold Logie "sincerely". 

Congrats Tom, we definitely didn't see it coming but we're not going to forget the 2019 Logies in a hurry!

Main Photo: Getty Images.