Logies 2019: We Asked The 'Neighbours' Cast About Their Favourite Bats**t Plots

From naked lunches to stolen sperm, we asked Eve Morey, Ryan Moloney and Alan Fletcher to list all the 'Neighbours' plots that made them say 'HUH?'


Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone, Gold Logie nominee Eve Morey had plenty of wild moments to share with us.

"Well yeah, the Dee doppelganger/ Andrea one, that was insane," she began, referencing the storyline that Ryan Moloney explained on 'Celebrity Name Game' the other day.

Ryan Moloney Recalls Toadie's Wildest 'Neighbours' Plot

"The Callum one," she continued, "that was pretty weird." 

Eve explained: "I was a guest on the show for a year and a half and didn't know that they were going to make him my son. And then we had to make it work that I just been lying to them for, you know, the best part of two years."

"That was sort of hard to wrap my head around and go, 'how do we make this seem like it's real?' But what it meant is that Morgan got to be my son and I adore him."

Eve also listed the time Toadie broke up with her character "so that he could marry Steph to protect her unborn baby, because she'd had sex with Dan, Libby's husband", recalling, "that was a good one".

On the topic of Steph, Eve also recounted the time her character tried to become a surrogate for Steph and Mark -- which didn't work, and led to them using Sonya's egg to get pregnant by Mark and then have them raise the baby together, only to miscarry when Sonya caught Toadie having cybersex with fake-Dee on Skype.

"That was another big, crazy one," she laughed. "So that's it... oh, and then there's also when we hosted a nude lunch at our house.

"Toadie's clients that were nude and myself and Ryan and, and the guests had to be nude and then Alan Fletcher (Karl) had to come in as well and also be nude. So that was another absurd one."

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Ryan Moloney, the ever-legendary Jarrod "Toadie" Rebecchi laughed when asked to list as many wild plots as he could, before echoing that the nude lunch was definitely one of the ones that stuck out to him.

"The 7,000th episode, Karl won $7,000 on a scratchy ticket that he lost it at Toadie and Sonya's house," Ryan began, adding some extra context. 

"Karl turns up trying to get his scratchie back," he explained, adding that this meant Karl also had to be nude. "So in walks nude Karl, tryin' to get his scratchie back."

Never let anything come between you and a scratchie!

Aside from that, Ryan listed "the seven labours of Lance" plot.

"It was Lance Wilkinson, and he had to prove his love to his sci-fi nerd girlfriend, by doing seven incredibly difficult tasks," he explained, adding that one of the tasks was to "go to the moon and find aliens".

He continued: "Within that, we were out in the bush, and Lance needed to go for a leak and he inadvertently took a whiz on an electric fence."

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Alan Fletcher, who you'll recognise as the iconic Dr Karl Kennedy, echoed Eve and Ryan in saying that the 7,000th episode was definitely on his list.

In another detail, he added: "he found the ticket on Toadie's bottom, so that was gorgeous".

Aside from that, Alan said that "almost every extreme storyline Karl's ever had revolves around Izzy".

"Natalie Bassingthwaighte came back and asked Karl to have another child with her -- to donate the sperm -- which Karl declined," he began.

"So Izzy found out that [Karl had] actually had donated sperm in the hospital and she broke into the hospital, stole my sperm and inseminated herself, luckily unsuccessfully. But that caused a few, uh, that caused us a few dramas along the way."

Classic Izzy! In fact, it wasn't even the only time she broke into a hospital -- she also did that when she was convincing Karl that she was pregnant by him, and broke in to alter the dates of the ultrasounds.

"So Karl got a bit fooled by that one until, until he found out the truth later," Alan laughed, adding: "Goodness me, there's been so much silly stuff."

On top of that, Alan listed the time when "Karl used to steal garden gnomes as a hobby", when he was in "a children's band called Oodles of Noodles", when he "quit medicine for awhile to become a backyard farmer, grew a beard and would carry his pet rooster Springsteen around with him, tucked under his arm."

And of course, the time Karl "was working for a pharmaceutical company selling drugs and he discovered that they were selling out of date drugs to Africa".

Oh, 'Neighbours', never change!

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