Logies 2019: Eve Morey Just Wants To Have A Fun Logies Night

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone ahead of television's night of nights, Eve declared: "I really want to see Ryan win! I really want Ryan to win, because it's really Toadie's time!"

Asked what she's looking forward to on the night, Eve said that she's just "going to try and have a good night and have fun and go, 'this is never going to happen again, Eve, so enjoy this experience!'"

She laughed, adding that she wants to "not be be anxious about it", because she's "found the whole process pretty overwhelming".

Although she may have been overwhelmed to find herself nominated for a Gold Logie for her portrayal of Sonya Rebecchi on 'Neighbours' -- whose storyline saw her die after a battle with ovarian cancer this year -- she's still extremely grateful to the fans who got her nominated and who are voting for her to win.

"I mean, they were the ones that made this happen, you know, they're the ones that have gone 'cool, I'm gonna go there and I'm going to click and I'm going to vote," she said.

"So I feel that the 'Neighbours' fans are incredibly happy that the show is being recognised -- not just by the fans, but the entertainment industry are recognising it as being rich in good work."

Still, she's found herself taken aback to be nominated alongside 'The Project's' Waleed Aly and 'Dancing With The Stars' host Amanda Keller.

"I mean, Waleed is so incredibly important to like the world," Eve gushed, "and I mean, so is Amanda. I would love to see Amanda win."

She continued: "It's just such an honour to be in any category with them. I have to say, those two -- when I like sat on that step doing that TV WEEK photoshoot I was like 'that's Amanda Keller and Waleed!' oh my gosh!"

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After playing her character of Sonya for ten years, Eve said it was hard to say goodbye.

"It was a weird experience because the content was so devastating, but it was such a special time because Ryan and I got to just make the most of every single moment we had," she shared, adding that they didn't take anything for granted as they worked toward her character's inevitable death.

"It was just being completely present in the work and with each other, getting that time to grieve for the characters, and working on Toadie and Sonya's relationship and making that as authentic as possible," she explained, adding that as actors, they were "so lucky".

With so many wild and wacky 'Neighbours' plots along the way, we had to ask: was this REALLY the end of Eve appearing on the show, or could we see an appearance from Sonya's ghost, or a long lost twin sister, perhaps?

"I mean, she was pretty dead, you know," Eve began.

"I mean, we saw that. I said that the only way that I would come back in the capacity of Sonya, I think, is if when the show finally ends -- whenever that is, hopefully in another 30 years -- if Toadie hasn't moved on or he's never been lucky in love again, it'd be great to have a sequence where he wakes up and it's all been a dream or something like that. Otherwise I'm, yeah, I think that Sonya's very sort of safely dead."

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