The Netflix Series That Will Force You To Put Your Phone Down And Watch

The twisty German thriller is possibly Netflix's finest Original series, and we're not paying it near enough respect.

The small German town of Winden, four families -- connected over three generations -- are brought together, clash and create new frictions following the disappearance of two young children.

What is going on in Winden is not the only question, but... when?

The story takes place over several times, with supernatural twists and mysteries that continue to unfold long after you think you've finally begun to understand.

There's also the added bonus of the series being in German, subtitled of course, which means it's very difficult to do what we've all become so accustomed to: watching TV while mostly just looking at our phones.

Double screening becomes more and more difficult with a series like 'Dark', because you're forced to follow along with the twists of the series (and also with characters being played by multiple actors in different times, you really gotta be on your game to remember who's who in the zoo) it forces you to put your phone down and concentrate.

Netflix's 'Dark' Is The Best Series You're Probably Not Watching
Photo: Netflix.

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Sure, Netflix gives you the option to watch a dubbed version, and for some people that may be their only choice BUT honestly, watching it with subtitles makes the tension, the twists and the incredibly beautiful cinematography far more rewarding.

Obviously, you want more details on the plot, because articles that say things like "to say more would give away some of the show's great surprises" are so irritating but unfortunately... to say more would truly give away some of the show's great surprises.

The second season of 'Dark' hit Netflix on June 21 to quiet murmurs. Unlike 'Stranger Things' or 'Orange is the New Black', the exceptional series didn't arrive with much fanfare, but it probably should have.

Netflix's 'Dark' Is The Best Series You're Probably Not Watching
Photo: Netflix.

Building on the great first season, the second continues to unfurl more family secrets, more twists and turns, and characters' motives become more unclear. It's not as easy to categorise who is good or evil when that duality is constantly fracturing into different time loops and double-backing onto itself.

All we can say is, this weekend, check out 'Dark', you probably won't regret it. It's a really great use of your... time.

The first two seasons of 'Dark' are now streaming on 'Netflix', a third and final season has already been announced.

Featured image: Netflix.