'I'm A Gemini!': Introducing The Ladies Vying For This Year's Bachelor

This year's 'Bachelor' is going to be a crash course in astrophysics -- for all of us.

In our first peek of the upcoming season, our new Bachie is introduced to the first of his possible love interests, Abbie, who asks him a fairly standard first date question.

"Lovely to meet you, what do you do?" she smiles.

"I'm an astrophysicist," Matt explains, an answer that makes Abbie light up with excitement.

"Okay! I'm a Gemini," she reveals.

Cut to Matt's reaction in an interview, where he's clearly flummoxed, not knowing where to begin in describing the difference between astrophysics (a branch of astronomy) and astrology (the belief that celestial beings affect the character and lives of people).

Matt Agnew is the Bachelor for 2019
Astro-hunk! Photo; Network 10.

But because he's a goddamn gentleman, Matt gives Abbie the perfect response.

"I'm a Leo," he divulges.

And look, both astrophysics and astrology share the same Greek root word -- astro-- which literally means 'star' so we're going to cut Abbie some slack here.

Matt goes on to casually explain that his job involves "finding another planet for future generations to live on" and yep, same.

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"I'm really proud of what I've achieved so far, but at the end of the day, you can't have a cuddle with a PhD," he laughs.

We get a brief glimpse of the girls looking to push that PhD out of Matt's arms -- with a stream of women that includes a dirt-biker, a dancer adorned in feathers and someone who appears to be wearing a wedding dress.

We have no idea who Matt will end up choosing but we can't wait to find out their star sign!

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to 10 and WIN Network. Catch up on everything Bachelor on 10 Play.