Mullets And Monsters: Dacre Montgomery Dishes The Deets On 'Stranger Things 3'

The Aussie star spoke to 10 daily about nabbing the role of Billy Hargrove, receiving NSFW gifts from Duran Duran, and the dark shift that's about to engulf Hawkins in season three of 'Stranger Things'.

Rolling in wearing his signature double denim and a hairdo that gave us major '80s Rob Lowe vibes, the rough-and-tough bully/high school heartthrob Billy Hargrove certainly made an impact when he arrived in Hawkins in season two of 'Stranger Things'.

In real life, however, Perth-born Dacre Montgomery, 24, cuts a far less menacing figure -- and if you're wondering -- no, he doesn't rock Billy's iconic mullet in his everyday life.

Image: Netflix

"Basically, it's all someone else's hair and they just pin it into my head," Dacre explained to 10daily. "It takes about an hour to get into and it's -- I guess -- it's kind of what makes Billy, Billy."

It certainly seems that Dacre was born to play the role of Hawkin's new antagonist, and after witnessing the actor's audition tape for the role -- in which he ended up dancing in just a g-string to Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" -- it seems that 'Stranger Things' creators Matt and Ross Duffer wholeheartedly agreed.

"Yeah, I was really lucky. I put that together at my house in Perth and actually, I found out that the New York Film School has added it to their curriculum -- I don't feel worthy of that!" he said.

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Image: Netflix

The Duffer brothers and New York Film School weren't the only ones who were impressed by Dacre's cheeky and unconventional audition -- in fact, the tape eventually made its way to Duran Duran themselves, who immediately became fans of the rising star.

"They sent me a g string in the mail!" he laughed. "They sent that and some merch with a little note. My stepdad loved that -- he plays in a cover band and sings a bunch of their songs. I hid the g-string from him, though."

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Image: Netflix

While his audition was undoubtedly a barrel of laughs, Dacre told us that, while the comedy is still there, season three will see Billy take a dark turn as we see him evolve from the local bully to a straight-up evil force within the town.

"There's a lot more light and dark this season -- I'm generalising, but I think that my character is a lot darker. The comedy is a lot more present, it's extremely well written in this season," he explained.

"There's an amazing ending. Obviously, I'll can't give it away, but I just think the payoff for all of the buildup, my character and the others is really special."

With his breakout role coming in the form of 2017's film revival of 'Power Rangers' as Jason Scott -- AKA the Red Ranger, and his soaring popularity following his role in 'Stranger Things', the sky's the limit when it comes to his star potential.

So what exactly is next for the Aussie actor?

"Who knows?" he mused. "I'm shooting my new film in the next couple of weeks -- it's a romantic comedy called 'The Broken Heart Gallery'. I'm really excited about that, especially for the comedic aspect, 'coz I feel like I really need to be pushed in that world."

He continued, "I went and read with the actress the other day and the pace of comedy is just so different to drama, which is what I'm used to. I tend to stick to drama because I'm insecure about going outside of my comfort zone and doing crazy things in a comedy."

"So this will be a great test for my ego."

'Stranger Things 3' returns to Netflix on July 4.

Image: Netflix.