The 'MasterChef' Family Reunion Had Everyone Crying

Our 'MasterChef' top 10 were reunited with their families and no-one was prepared for the waterworks.

It's sort of like watching the opening scene of 'Love Actually', where families are embracing after months apart at Heathrow airport -- you can't help but have a second-hand cry watching those moments of pure joy between loved ones.

It's nearly the end of the competition and Anushka, Ben, Christina, Derek, Larissa, Nicole, Simon, Tati, Tessa and Tim (whew!) have been away from their families and friends for a very long time.

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With limited access to phone and the internet in the 'MasterChef' house, it was completely understandable that they teared up when they realised the 'best of the best' guests were actually their nearest and dearest.

Anushka got the shock of her life when she spotted her son. Photo: Network 10.

'MasterChef' fans were not at all prepared to watch their favourites with tears streaming down their faces as they completed the rest of the service.

And while we did meet some of the family members of the 'MasterChef' contestants when they first auditioned for a spot in the house, that was just so long ago.

So the reunion was the perfect opportunity to properly have a sticky beak at family resemblances and be re-introduced to the people whose recipes and stories we've heard so much about.

Please enjoy these gorgeous family photos of our top 10!

Anushka Zargaryan

Photo: Network 10.

Ben Trobbiani

Photo: Network 10.

Christina Laker

Photo: Network 10.

Derek Lau

Photo: Network 10.

Larissa Takchi

Photo: Network 10.

Nicole Scott

Photo: Network 10.

Simon Toohey

Photo: Network 10.

Tati Carlin

Photo: Network 10.

Tessa Boersma

Photo: Network 10.

Tim Bone

Photo: Network 10.

We're definitely not ready to say goodbye to any of these faces just yet.

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