Girl Power! Ladies, It's Time For A Woman To Win The Gold Logie

Gather 'round, friends, because we need to talk!

Now, this isn't a criticism, by any means, but since 2010, only two women have taken home Gold Logies. In fact, in the last 40 years, television's night of nights has seen 26 men take home the Gold, while only 14 women have been awarded the night's most prestigious honour. Sad!

Today, we here at 10 Daily are urging you to help us right this wrong. To do as the Spice Girls would do, and to say 'Girl Power!' and vote for one of our gals, who happen to be incredibly deserving.

Here's the thing, right? Amanda Keller is up for Gold, and she's basically a national icon at this point.

Aside from hosting 'Dancing With The Stars' and making us all feel at home with 'The Living Room', she's approached her Logie campaign with the same self-deprecating charm you know and love her for:

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Other reasons she deserves our vote? Well, have you ever had to dart up and down stairs all night, in heels and a glitzy ensemble, while hosting 'Dancing With The Stars' on live national television? Your answer is likely no, but it sounds really hard, right?

Also, anyone who borrows from The Vengaboys for their campaign deserves a vote, in our humble opinion!

That's not all, though! We've also got the equally-deserving Eve Morey in the running for Gold.

Eve wrapped up a 10-year stint on 'Neighbours' earlier this year with the death of her character Sonya Rebecchi, who died in her husband Toadie's arms after a battle with cancer. Needless to say, it was very emotional!

And while we're on the topic of 'Neighbours', the whole show has been unfairly overlooked by the Logies for so long, it's really time to show one of Australia's most iconic soaps some love, and what better way to say "we appreciate you, 'Neighbours'!" than having Eve snag the Gold?

Anyway, thank you for attending our TED talk! Let's hear it for the girls!

Click here to vote Amanda or Eve, bye!!!

Feature image: 10