'MasterChef': All The Faces The Judges Pulled After Eating That Caviar

It's a delicacy that's obscenely expensive and insanely decadent -- and the judges just couldn't get enough of it.

Although beluga caviar might look like a pile of goopy green spheres, it costs $9000 a kilogram and causes most who eat it to roll their eyes back in their head in sheer ecstasy.

Photo: Network 10.

It's the type of ingredient that deserves to be the star of the show on a dish and not overpowered by other, less refined, flavours -- so contestants Tessa, Simon and Nicole had a tough job ahead trying to show the caviar a little respect.

And also, not waste hundreds of dollars worth of the stuff.

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"I'm going to be absolutely scorned if I don't use that caviar properly," said Tessa, mentally planning out how she'd approach cooking with the luxury ingredient.

Photo: Network 10.

While we probably could have served up a tin of caviar with a spoon and glass of bubbles, the three contestants had their eyes firmly set on the prospect of the glittering immunity pin. They created three delectable dishes that looked like they belonged in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

And let us tell you, what they served up caused Matt, Gary, George and Billie to explore the full range of human emotions with their faces -- and, for some reason, bang their spoons noisily on the bench.

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When Nicole brought up her choux buns with Moreton Bay bug and caviar, the judges performed a ballet of deliciousness -- contorting their bodies and faces in response to the heavenly dish that gave Gary "food shivers".

Has Gary ever done this before? Photo: Network 10.
The best of the best! Photo: Network 10.
Yep, it was just that good. Photo: Network 10.

Matt added Nicole's dish had "almost" brought him to tears, before LOUDLY banging a spoon against the table to illustrate his very strong feelings about the choux.

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It seemed as though Nicole had won the day, until Tessa rocked up with her Moreton Bay bug and yabby with caviar beurre blanc.

Tessa's caviar dish. Photo: Network 10.

Although Tessa was emotional after the cook, explaining the pressure she puts herself under, the Queenslander had absolutely nothing to worry about. She knocked her caviar dish out of the park, causing a few more of these facial expressions.

Matt closed his eyes again in ecstasy, Billie and George were floored and Gary banged MULTIPLE spoons on the bench to try and one-up Matt's new celebratory move.

YEAH! Photo: Network 10.

Okay, so surely the first two dishes were the winners and the third would be a flop? Nope!

Simon made the very retro, but very delicious, recipe of devilled eggs, using champagne in his yolk mix to add another touch of elegance.

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And for the third time, Matt's eyes gently closed as he savoured every single flavour present in the caviar loaded eggs.

And again! Photo: Network 10.

Gary and George let out low, guttural moans as they chomped into the dish.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," they both exclaimed.

Ohhhhhhh. Photo: Network 10.

George then plucked a mysterious giant spoon from thin air and began bashing it against the table, which is apparently the new, wordless way of awarding a dish a 10/10 on 'MasterChef'.

That's not a spoon! Photo: Network 10.

If you're hoping to apply to next year's 'MasterChef', all we're saying is, it probably wouldn't hurt to feed (or bribe) the judges a little caviar -- you'll know you're on the right track if any of them close their eyes.

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