Logies 2019: An Ode To Toadie's Mullet

Long before Guy Sebastian's 2003 'fro, there was only one iconic hairdo in Australian television history: Toadie's mullet.

Equivalent only to Jen Aniston's 'The Rachel' -- both in impact and glamour -- it's a style so memorable that when actor Ryan Moloney cut his hair, it was written into the plot of 'Neighbours'.

Even in the grainy, '90s VCR quality of the below gif, you really get a sense of just how lustrous, how voluminous and glossy Toadie's mane was, in all its wavy glory.

In fact, one could argue that Ryan Moloney deserves a Logie -- not only for his years of solid work as Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi, but for the LEGACY that his beautiful mullet left on Australian culture.

It could also be argued that the moment Toadie cut his hair was as significant as when Keri Russell cut her hair on 'Felicity', perhaps more, because it really did signify the death of innocence -- not just for Toadie, but for an entire generation of 'Neighbours' fans.

Since cutting his hair, Toadie has certainly had his ups and downs, and while appearing on an episode of 'Celebrity Name Game' with 'Neighbours' co-star Alan Fletcher that airs tomorrow night, he recounted Toadie's wildest story arc yet.

Ryan Moloney Recalls Toadie's Wildest 'Neighbours' Plot

"Well, Toadie, he got married, and then on that same day drove his wife off a cliff and she died, and then 17 years later she comes back from the dead, but it's actually not her, it's an impostor who looks exactly like her... but then the real one comes back because it actually turns out that she didn't die," he explained.

Classic Ramsey Street hijinks!

Still, the iconic mullet lives on to this day as one of the most memorable styles to ever grace our screens, as fans have created entire lines of mullet merch to enjoy.

Got a celebration coming up, or need to tell your crush how you feel? Give them a Toadie card!

Want to flaunt your belief system? What about this 'In Toadfish we trust' tee?

Or maybe you prefer this '90s style?

If you really want to tell the world "I LOVE TOADIE", is THE place to go.

They have t-shirts, yes:

But they also have phone covers...

And, uh, undies. (There are jocks, too!)

They also have beach towels, journals and shower curtains with this design, so that no matter where you are or who you're with, they'll KNOW that you have nothing but respect for the greatest character in Aussie television.

The point of all of this, of course, is that Toadie -- and his actor Ryan Moloney -- has delivered us so much joy through the years, and though the mullet may have been gone for a full decade, now, the spirit of it lives on within us all.

It is for this reason, dear friends and readers, that we here at 10 Daily wholeheartedly believe that it's #ToadiesTime. Yes, that's right. Ryan Moloney is up for Most Popular Actor at this year's Logie Awards. It's television's night of nights, and we want Toadie to take it home.

Click here to vote for Toadie, and make sure to catch Ryan Moloney and Alan Fletcher on 'Celebrity Name Game', 6pm Tuesday, June 25.

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