MasterChef: The Aussie Restaurant That's The 'Best Of The Best'

'MasterChef' has called in one of Australia's culinary big guns for Best Of The Best Week.

Scottish-born chef Jock Zonfrillo is the man behind Adelaide's Orana -- a revered institution that was voted Restaurant Of The Year in this year's Good Food Guide.

Orana is all about showcasing native ingredients and working with Indigenous communities around Australia to harvest the best of the best produce that you probably wouldn't find at your local supermarket.

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Think Warrigal greens, Moreton Bay fig shoots, lemon myrtle, Bunya nuts and Tasmanian mountain pepper. The type of beautiful, flavour-packed ingredients that have been used by the world's oldest surviving culture for thousands of years that don't often make it on to restaurant menus.

Our 'MasterChef' top 10 will be assigned one Indigenous ingredient to feature in their dish -- the most impressive will help put one contestant in the running for a shiny immunity pin.

"It's nice to see amateur chefs using indigenous ingredients which they haven't seen before and I was surprised at how well they cooked with them," Zonfrillo told 10 daily of the 'MasterChef' challenge. 

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"There were plenty of nice ideas, good techniques and subtle use of the ingredients instead of sprinkled on top," he added. 

Zonfrillo told 10 daily that he's constantly inspired by the communities he works with through the Orana Foundation -- an organisation that supports the development and demand for native Australian food supplies.

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"There's never a dull moment and really the people who inspire me the most are the Indigenous people we're working with through The Orana Foundation," said Zonfrillo.

"They're a constant source of inspiration and guidance," he added.

Zonfrillo said he's "pumped" to be working on the foundation's first Community Packing Shed into Twin Lakes in Nyul Nyul country in the Kimberley.

"Spending time in communities I found the major drawback of getting good quality native ingredients into restaurants is the lack of infrastructure on country when they’re wild harvesting," he explained.

"These ‘smart’ sheds allow them to process and pack products at the source which increases shelf life, nutrients, and quality," Zonfrillo added.

Zonfrillo will be bringing in some of his favourite native ingredients for our top 10 -- tune in tonight to see what he picks!

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