Lucy Lawless Is Obsessed With Murder, Just Like You And Me

The star of the brand new drama 'My Life Is Murder' gave us all the deets on what to expect.

Speaking to 10 daily via the phone, the 'Xena' legend admitted that she fell in love with the role of Alexa Crowe.

"I love true crime," Lawless admitted, "this is obviously not true crime, but I love the idea of justice. You're seeking to solve crime with people you love in a really vibrant environment.

"I think people are going to want to go there! The news is so grim these days, and going online. ['My Life Is Murder'] is to cop shows what 'MasterChef' is to cooking shows. Delicious, tasty, and has a lot of heart."

Lucy Lawless Told Us Everything About 'My Life Is Murder'
Photo: Network 10.

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The series bills itself as "a cop show without a cop", and despite her years of experience as a Homicide Detective, apparently Alexa doesn't like to divulge the reason behind her career switch to Ordinary Citizen.

Still, the hard-talking, charismatic Citizen Crowe is brought back into the fold via her former boss Detective Inspector Kieran Knight (played by Bernard Curry) who brings her on as a 'consultant' for some of those tough-to-crack cases.

"It's nice to play an unfiltered role," Lawless admitted to 10 daily, "but there's a problem where she starts to take over and I'm just a skin job for Alexa."

When I'm really tired or hungover I turn into Alexa Crowe. Better than Xena or some of the other roles I've played, but it does tend to bite you in the backside because she gives unsolicited advice, and who the hell likes that?"

Alex and Keiran's unconventional trio is rounded out with the addition of Madison (played by Ebony Vagulins) a sarcastic, extroverted data analyst who hopes to eventually take over Keiran's gig... one day.

"It's a lovely little family," Lawless said of the team, "I reckon people are going to like spending an hour with these characters because it's a little bit hyper-real.

"It's grounded in reality, it's real straight, but everything's a little better than real life so it's aspirational. You aspire to be in their company. It's so damn tasty," she added calling the show a "visual feast".

But the trio aren't the only characters you'll get to know, Lawless excitedly explained that each week a special guest stops by, one of which happens to be Magda Szubanski.

"You're actually the co-star for the week," Lawless explained, "If you're the guest star you've got a meaty role -- that's why we were able to attract these great actors. Tons of people I can't name [yet] but we're offering them roles that are super meaty.

"That's how you get good people, you gotta write them roles that they are going to want to play," she continued, "Everybody wants their own show, or they want to do important work. To guest star, it has to be exceptional. So our guest roles are."

We can't wait to see what surprises 'My Life Is Murder' has in store when it comes to Channel 10 soon.

Featured image: Network 10.