In Defence Of The 'MasterChef' Panna Cotta

The panna cotta has become public enemy number one in the eyes of 'MasterChef' fans.

The silky Italian dessert -- which translates to 'cooked cream' -- has been a popular recipe choice throughout the competition with contestants whipping up the wobbly dish in a variety of creative ways.

We've seen Monica's coconut panna cotta with mango gel and lime curd, Ben made a cereal milk panna cotta for Heston Blumenthal, Larissa came up with an inventive chocolate and cola panna cotta during the same episode, and the Red Team created a Limoncello panna cotta under the watchful eye of Nonna Rosa during the Italian service challenge.

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No two panna cottas have ever been the same, yet the dessert seems to summon serious emotions from viewers who just aren't on board the delicious panna cotta express -- with some drastically calling to ban the dish altogether.

There's still a little ways to go until the 'MasterChef' finale and we're going to bet we'll see more panna cottas on the road to the end of the season. So we thought we'd try and change the mind of panna cotta naysayers and stand up for the iconic dessert.

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There Is No Suspense Like Panna Cotta Suspense

There is always a risk involved with panna cotta in the 'MasterChef' kitchen because contestants continually underestimate how long those wobbly little suckers take to set properly. Which is fun to watch for us because panna cotta triumphs and panna cotta disasters are equally satisfying viewing moments. Will the dessert burst out of its mould like a perfect little pudding or will it flop, in several sloppy pieces onto the plate?

Lucky Ben had a backup! Photo: Network 10.
Have You Ever Eaten Panna Cotta? Because They're Bloody Delicious

There's a reason the panna cotta is so popular-- it's a classic that lends itself to re-interpretation. The cooked cream can be infused with so many different flavours and the texture has a soft, angelic quality not found in many other desserts. Also -- have you ever seen Matt, George or Gary turn away a panna cotta or suggest a moratorium on panna cotta production? Absolutely not!

Derek's breakfast panna cotta. Photo: Network 10.

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Team Panna Cotta Don't Care That You Hate Panna Cotta

Ben and Larissa have definitely made the most panna cottas throughout this season of 'MasterChef' and they've just scored spots in the top 10. Coincidence? Or did their dessert skills and love of the Italian sweet treat help them climb their way to the top?

"Top 10 babeh," Ben wrote on his Instagram after making it into the prestigious group, adding that he couldn't have done it without his "panna cotta partner in crime".

And a warning to those poo poo-ing the dessert -- Ben added the hashtag #pannacottaFOREVER so we can definitely expect some more wobbly surprises in the comp.

2019 is the year of the panna cotta and we couldn't be happier.

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