Do These Iconic Ingredients Belong On ‘MasterChef’?

Milo. Vegemite. Tomato sauce. They're three of the most iconic Australian staples -- but do they really belong in the 'MasterChef' kitchen?

The three products are usually synonymous with comfort and simplicity -- not as part of a  complicated recipe you could expect at a gourmet restaurant.

A simple piece of buttered toast with Vegemite, a barbecued sausage with tomato sauce, or a mountain of Milo with a teensy bit of milk --that's all we really ask of these humble, classic condiments.

How is anyone supposed to improve on Milo when we all just eat it straight from the tin, a ~recipe~ that takes precisely 6.5 seconds?

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But 'Best of The Best Week' is all about our final ten contestants proving exactly why they've made it this far in the competition.

Tonight, they'll attempt to invent their own recipes using their choice of yeast spread, malt soil or sweet tomato goop to create something that'll impress Gary, George and Matt.

We decided to guess what our 'MasterChef' contestants might create tonight with only Vegemite, Milo and tomato sauce as inspiration.

A salty tub of yeasty, umami goodness. Photo: Network 10.

It's the salty, black yeast spread that's equally reviled and adored. Ben Trobbiani has already used Vegemite for a duck ragu with pappardelle recipe earlier this season and is clearly a big fan of using the umami flavour in "everything".

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In years gone by, we've had Khan Ong's chicken and vegemite dumplings with mushrooms, guest chef Jin Choi's Vegemite prawn risotto and contestant Julia Taylor's Vegemite and white chocolate macarons.

It's arguably the most versatile ingredient on the list because its rich, salty flavour has a certain depth that weirdly works in savoury or sweet dishes. We're guessing Vegemite will be the most popular pick tonight.

Photo: Network 10.

Alright, we had an open mind with Vegemite but there are only three acceptable ways to eat Milo. Straight from the tin, sprinkled over vanilla ice-cream or mixed in a glass with just a smattering of milk. Sorry, we don't make the rules!

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Tomato Sauce
Photo: Network 10.

Rosella tomato sauce was first made in Carlton, Victoria way back in 1895 but in over 100 years, the condiment hasn't often featured as the hero of any dish. It's the trusty sidekick to barbecued meat, hot chips, pies and sausage rolls and rarely has a starring a role on any menu.

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Tomato sauces are usually made from scratch on 'MasterChef' -- like in Sarah Todd's crispy tripe with tomato sauce recipe, Tregan Borg's ricotta and parsley ravioli or Matt Preston's recent tamarind and chipotle ketchup recipe.

But we're guessing the sweet, tomato flavour could easily be used in a delicious spicy dish. We're just desperately hoping no one comes up with a tomato sauce panna cotta.

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