'Derek, Derek!': Why Was Everybody Yelling On 'MasterChef'?

Collaborating with a family member or friend on a dessert can be tense at the best of times.

But imagine if you had to plate up a dish identical in appearance, flavour and texture without actually seeing what your cooking partner was working on.

It was a 'MasterChef' challenge doomed for chaotic disaster as pairs tried to plate up matching desserts, with their only channel of communication being through some very dense shelving units.

The only person tall enough to see over the ledge, Matt Preston. Photo: Network 10.

The pairs were as follows: Anushka and Derek, Simon and Sandeep, Nicole and Christina, Tessa and Tati, and Ben and Larissa, with Tim safe on the gantry from his success the night before in the ice-cream challenge.

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The stark divide meant that the amateur chefs had to communicate with each other the only way possible -- by YELLING VERY LOUDLY.

"Ben!" Photo: Network 10.

The episode looked like the ‘MasterChef’ contestants were disgruntled residents who were having problems with noisy neighbours, angrily yelling and prodding a broom against the walls.

While yelling comes naturally to some of the amateur chefs, softly spoken Anushka was forced to find her voice with partner Derek, who encouraged her to yell at him like he was one of her kids. 

"Derek! Derek!" Photo: Network 10.

Loud Anushka emerged with gusto, with her cavernous voice suddenly taking over the kitchen like never before as she called for Derek to "PUT THE MOUSSE IN THE BLAST CHILLER!"

“This little pocket rocket. Who knew Anushka could yell like this?" laughed Derek. 

"Derek! Derek!" became her rallying cry as they worked through the elements of their twin chocolate mousses with raspberry sorbet.

“The neighbours next door could hear Anushka yelling,” said Simon, adding that he was pretty sure he’d started following the loudest team’s instructions instead of his own.

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Nicole should have brought earplugs. Photo: Network 10.

Anushka and Derek emerged as everyone's new favourite duo with fans, in awe of Nushie's newfound persona.

Although some viewers were reaching for the volume button on their remote, complaining that their ears were growing weary from all the barking.

As the ten contestants shouted over each other, George stepped in to remind them that they should probably be yelling even louder, like all good professional chefs.

"It’s getting a little quiet in here," he bellowed. "Don’t let communication let you down."

Sadly, our noisiest duo landed in the bottom six, with all that yelling resulting in two very different dishes. They head to an elimination challenge alongside Sandeep and Simon and Tati and Tessa.

Christina and Nicole, and Larissa and Ben cruised straight into the top 10 with their near-identical dishes with Christina breaking her curse and chalking up her first team challenge win.

Now excuse us, we're going to rest our ears in a quiet room.

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