The Bachelor 2019: Here's The First Sneak Peek Of Our Bachie Matt

Not all heroes wear capes.

Opening with a shot of space, we see a heart-shaped meteor headed straight for Earth, leaving a trail of red hearts fluttering behind it and getting the attention of gorgeous women everywhere.

The meteor lands and explodes, and like magic, our Bachelor Matt appears, doing a three-point superhero landing, and everything. This as good a time as any to remind you that he's an astrophysicist who literally looks like Superman, right?

It's the theme of our very first promo for the upcoming season of 'The Bachelor', and if Osher's account is anything to go by, Matt really is a super man.

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Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone for the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Tell All a few months ago, we got Osher's take on what to expect from Matt. Here's what he had to say:

"Our Bachelor Matt is a wonderful man. He’s kind, he’s very smart, he’s very handsome, he’s got a real humility about him. He still has a little ‘can’t quite believe it’ when he says ‘will you accept this rose?’ and they say yes. He’s like ‘ooh!’, so thrilled."

Matt, meanwhile, is just "really hoping to fall in love" during his Bachelor journey.

Describing love as "the best feeling in the world," he said: “I’m at a stage in my life where I’m established in my career, I own my own home and finding someone to share my life with would make it the trifecta.”

Matt's hoping to find an all-encompassing love where the sparks start flying and never fizzle out. At the same time, he wants a love that's enduring and is looking for a genuine woman who has a lust for life and doesn't take life too seriously.

“It may be an unorthodox way to meet someone," he mused, "but I think it’ll be a sensational experience and make for a cracking ‘how we met’ story!”

Watch our behind-the-scenes video below, and check out the promo in the video above!

'The Bachelor' will return later this year, only on 10 and WIN Networks.

Feature image: 10