The Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavours To Hit 'MasterChef'

'MasterChef' contestants have historically pushed the boundaries when it comes to inventing ice-cream flavours.

They've tested the limits of traditional ice-cream flavours, pushing chocolate, vanilla and strawberry -- aka the Neapolitan trinity -- to the side in favour of more adventurous flavours.

But at what point does ice-cream cease to be actual ice-cream and turn into more of a savoury soup that's been churned, frozen and scooped into elegant quenelles for the judges?

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We're not really too sure but we're extremely supportive of 'MasterChef' contestants who come up with the kind of inventive combos that Heston Blumenthal himself would be very proud of.

Here are some of the best savoury ice-creams from the last few years of the competition.

Coriander Ice Cream with Crispy Curry Leaves and Spiced Brik Pastry
Could coriander replace caramel ice-cream? Photo; Network 10.

Coriander is arguably the most divisive herb in the world, with actual scientific studies showing that the aromatic leaf can taste like soap to some people, depending on your smell receptors and exposure to certain flavours. But perhaps coriander haters might just need to try it in ice-cream form, served up with crispy curry leaves and spiced Brik pastry. Find Callan Smith's recipe here.

Oyster Ice Cream
Oysters? For dessert? Photo: Network 10.

It might seem counter-intuitive to combine seafood with ice-cream but judge George Calombaris is a trailblazer with this recipe that blends oyster ice-cream, apple puree and a rye crumb. Try the recipe here.

Wasabi Ice Cream with Honey Yam Fondants and Nutmeg Biscuit
Lee Harding's favourite flavour of ice-cream. Photo: Network 10.

Eating wasabi in ice-cream form is probably wise because you can offset the punchy flavour with the cooling sensation. Add some honey yam fondants and nutmeg biscuits and you're in savoury ice-cream flavour country. Find Ben Ungermann's recipe here.

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Eggless Mustard Ice Cream with Bacon and French Fries
For the breakfast lovers. Photo: Network 10.

Just a guess, but this recipe was probably inspired by the exquisite combo of McDonald's fries chucked into a McFlurry. Add some mustard ice-cream for some extra zing and you're laughing. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Stack, Cumin Tuile and Pancetta Praline
Photo: Pumpkin heaven. Photo: Network 10.

Pumpkin, cumin and pancetta most definitely belong in a winter soup but who wrote the rules saying those ingredients can't be blitzed down for a salty dessert? Not us! Find 'MasterChef' winner Elena Duggan's recipe over here.

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Fennel Ice Cream with Smashed Wild Rice Shortbread
Fennel and rice but make it ice-cream Photo: Network 10.

Fennel and rice sounds pretty appetising as a wintry meal, served with some kind of slow cooked lamb. But did you ever consider that those flavours might be better suited to ice-cream and shortbread? The licorice flavour of the fennel and the toasty rice crumb are a match made in heaven. Find Ben Ungermann's recipe here.

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